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Marvel Legends Rock Python figure review Build-A-Figure Smart Hulk wave

It seems a little strange that we have more members of the Serpent Society than Alpha Flight, but I won’t complain. Hasbro has been very savvy about throwing in these guys and filling villain teams hasn’t always been a priority. The newest addition to the Society ranks is Rock Python —one of the team’s heavy hitters.

Packaging:  This might be the most basic packaging we’ve seen so far with just a Marvel logo in the front instead of the more mainstream catch-all branding of the Avengers or even Captain America.  RP’s color scheme somewhat blends in with the portrait on the side and back.

marvel legends rock python figure review - package bio

Give it up for the bio writing crew as they craft a simple one that fully explains his origin and team affiliation. All it needs now is his powers and abilities and it’d be perfect.

Likeness:  RP is a pretty standard use of the Grim Reaper body with the exception of his unique helmet. While researching to see if this helmet is actually based on the snake rock python’s head, I read a story about a guy getting strangled by his pet python. Wild.

marvel legends rock python figure review - wide stance

Anyway, Rock Python’s helmet is angled and designed in a way to convey maximum menace and the sneering expression ensures you don’t mistake him for a good guy. I tend to prefer these more expressive portraits for villains. The only other unique thing is his grenade belt, which similarly is a no-frills paneled wraparound.

marvel legends rock python figure review - left side closeup

Paint:  RP has a pretty simple design, but he’s got a great color scheme that really makes him stand out. The powder blue and purple Hasbro used pop against his fellow Serpent Society members and the villain shelf in general.

It seems like RP’s grenade belt should be white based on the majority of reference pictures I saw, but grey is a decent substitute.

My figure just had a few random scrapes and the python logo could have used one more pass with the powder blue, but that was it in terms of even remote issues with the paint job.


marvel legends rock python figure review - scale with eel, captain america, cobra and cottonmouth

Scale:  As an enforcer/heavy character the Reaper body makes sense for Rock Python as it gives him an imposing physique without being overblown.

marvel legends rock python figure review - scale with captain america and serpent society

Articulation:  RP is a brawler with some distant techniques thanks to his snare grenades. I wish Hasbro had given him an open grenade tossing hand. The Reaper body is perfect as a sturdy base to take punches and dish out some offense depending on how long Captain America wants to party with the Society.

marvel legends rock python figure review - vs captain america

Rock Python actually has beaten Cap on more than one occasion so he’s not exactly an easy out.

marvel legends rock python figure review - beating captain america

Rock Python has:

  • neck
  • ball-jointed shoulders
  • bicep
  • elbow (double-jointed)
  • wrist
  • wrist hinge
  • torso
  • waist
  • hip
  • thigh
  • knee (double-jointed)
  • ankle

marvel legends rock python figure review - serpent society with defeated captain america

Accessories:  One of Rock Python’s gimmicks is that he uses hand grenades to ensnare his victims with steel ribbons. Considering RP is such a fringe character anyway, it’s not shocking those weren’t included, but there actually was an accessory option for him. Time to dig around in the spare parts bin and see if I’ve got a grenade lying around…

marvel legends rock python figure review - in tray

Rock Python comes with the left arm of the Build-A-Figure Smart Hulk. I really need to get the Rescue figure so I have a better sense of getting Smart Hulk completed.  RP puts Smart Hulk near the lead for the next BAF that I’ll actually finish.

Worth it?  I was able to take advantage of a well-timed GameStop sale to get RP for $12. That’s a perfect price for a character that will likely get clearance out later anyway. This just skips the wait.

You can also get him now cheaper than the standard $20, which is a good deal.

Rating:  9.5 out of 10

Hasbro is delivering on all fronts with the Marvel Legends line right now and adds another member to the Serpent Society. Besides the grenades and an open palm to hold them and switching the belt to white I don’t know what else could be done to improve this guy. It’s another winner for Hasbro.

marvel legends rock python figure review - with serpent society

Where to get it?  GameStop has filled the Toys R Us void with regards to keeping up with the deluge of Marvel Legends. Unlike Target or Wal-Mart they haven’t missed a wave and they’ve got enough sales that it balances out the slightly higher prices.  If you want to avoid the roulette wheel that is retail, you can grab Rock Python from Amazon, Hasbro Pulse or grab the case from Entertainment Earth.