Hot Toys reveals Spider-Man: Far From Home Mysterio figure

Sony’s baffling decisions aside at least we’ll always have Spider-Man’s final (for now) entry in the MCU, Far From Home, as the best live-action take on the web-slinger. A lot of that credit goes to Spider-Man’s co-star Mysterio. For spoiler’s sake, I’ll avoid any details on the character…for just a bit longer.

Hot Toys comes through with a reveal of its Mysterio figure and it looks tremendous even without a Jake Gyllenhaal head. Hopefully that will be a late addition since Mysterio rarely wore the globe for extended periods of time in the film.

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hot toys spider-man far from home mysterio figure - firing blasts

Quentin Beck, a gifted but under-appreciated special effects artist. Chose to focus his skills on becoming Mysterio as the number one super hero in the world, and supplant himself over Iron Man. Coupled with his talent for chemistry, robotics and hypnotism, Mysterio’s convincing illusions on The Elementals blurred the line between reality and fantasy, to the point where the work seems almost supernatural in nature.

hot toys spider-man far from home mysterio figure - facing spider-man

Today, Hot Toys is pleased to officially introduce the highly-anticipated 1/6th scale Mysterio collectible figure from Spider-Man: Far From Home with highly-detailed gadgets that specifically counter Spider-Man’s abilities!


hot toys spider-man far from home mysterio figure - smoke trail

Masterfully crafted based on Mysterio’s appearance in the movie, the collectible figure features a newly developed helmeted head with incredible likeness, finely tailored cape and armors with luminous reflective elements, a pair of illusion effect accessories, smoke effect diorama accessories, and a movie-themed dynamic figure stand.

hot toys spider-man far from home mysterio figure - collage

Mysterio has now arrived! Marvel fanatics, make sure you do not under any circumstances believe everything you see.

I’ll have the pre-order information up for him as soon as it’s available.

Pre-Order the Hot Toys Mysterio figure from Sideshow Collectibles

Photo Credit: Hot Toys