Kick-Ass #17 review

I always appreciate the confidence in every issue of Kick-Ass. It’s a book that always reads so smoothly thanks to Steve Niles’ on-point pacing and Marcelo Frusin’s dramatic art.  This was another terrific issue that shows why this is one of Image’s most consistent books.

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In the penultimate issue of this current arc, Patience is tired of being on the defensive and readies her depleted and decimated army on a strike back mission against the Russians. After a serious show of force, The Russians now are in position to take over crime in the city. But their greed took out allies they would need to take out Kick-Ass, who still has enough troops left to decisively end the war and make her own statement.


One of the stronger aspects of the story is how Niles continues to show Patience is a soldier at heart using tactics far more fitting a veteran than a superhero vigilante. Her approach of protecting innocents also rings true for a person concerned about collateral damage and keeping her people safe.


Frusin’s art never lacks for a heavy flair for the dramatics even in dialogue heavy scenes, but it’s in the action moments where he delivers some impressive cinematography on the pages. Sunny Gho has such smart instincts for color choices and goes with striking bold primary colors instead of a drab, washed out palette.

kick-ass-17 cover

Next issue builds to the big “season finale” and Patience has a lot to address on multiple fronts both as Kick-Ass and in her alter ego. Niles and Frusin are setting up a big time conclusion that keeps the momentum of the series rolling for the next season.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Photo Credit: Image Comics