DC Comics reviews for 9/11/19 – Batman #78, Event Leviathan #4

The Flash #78

the flash #78

The Force Wars claims its first casualty this issue as writer Joshua Williamson builds Black Flash back up to a legitimate threat. For most of this issue Barry Allen tries to get his fellow Force users, Psych, Steadfast and Fuerza to stay ahead of Black Flash, but with so many volatile personalities keeping everyone on the same page proves too difficult. And with Black Flash on the hunt, it’s not going to end well for one of the four.

I like this Force Wars dynamic and how the arrival of these new forces is impacting The Flash’s connection to the Speed Force. That’s the main reason why Black Flash is on the hunt and looking not to stop The Flash, but the other three.

Williamson teases the Rogues’ reunion with another member rejoining the squad with their souped up powers. I’m not loving the redesigns for The Rogues. They’re too busy and unrecognizable from their more traditional classic costumes. A bearded Captain Cold just looks wrong.

In another subplot, Kid Flash and Avery are stopping some of the lower tier Rogues despite their powers on the wane as well. It’ll be interesting to see where Williamson is taking this direction now that the teens and Barry are back on the same page.

Rafa Sandoval stays on as the artist and his clean style is such a smooth fit for the title. Sandoval had an extended break while Howard Porter and Scott Kollins came in for various arcs so he hasn’t really had enough time to fully establish himself on this book yet, but his art is very consistent with a knack for strong storytelling. Arif Prianto’s colors aren’t as splashy as some other recent colorists on the book, but they were fine.

I’ve enjoyed this arc and with this cliffhanger, Williamson has some fun possible directions he can take it especially if the other Force Users get a boost whenever a rival is killed. Williamson continues 78 issues strong with one of DC’s most consistently entertaining books.

Rating: 9 out of 10