Check out these new Avengers: Endgame Pop figures

Funko isn’t hardly done cranking out Avengers: Endgame Pop figures. These are some of the more playful versions of characters while also including some pivotal takes of characters for the big battle against Thanos and his forces. These are all available now for pre-order.

Worthy Captain America

avengers endgame pop vinyl captain america figure

How many Captain America Pops do I need? OK, just this last one…probably.

Captain Marvel

avengers endgame pop vinyl captain marvel figure

This powered-up version of Carol Danvers features her coming to the rescue

Iron Spider with Nano Gauntlet

avengers endgame pop vinyl iron spider figure

When you’ve gotta do a little murder death kill to save reality it’s time to go into instant kill mode.

Taco Hulk

avengers endgame pop vinyl taco hulk figure

On his way to getting Thor, Hulk knows the importance of tacos. We’ll just assume it was a Tuesday.

Pizza Thor

avengers endgame pop vinyl pizza thor figure

Video game marathons are tricky without food so Thor makes sure to stay fueled with pizza.

Casual Thanos

avengers endgame pop vinyl thanos figure

Saving the universe from itself isn’t without cost as this half-dead version of Thanos can attest. Just watch the head, OK?

Gamer Korg

avengers endgame pop vinyl gamer korg figureWhat’s the fun of playing alone when you can hang with your pals? Korg is comfortable and knows the WiFi password by heart.