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Would you pay Jonah Hill $10M to play The Riddler or The Penguin?

Beyond Accepted and Superbad, I’m not the biggest Jonah Hill fan. He can deliver some decent performances (The Wolf of Wall Street, Moneyball), but he’s throwing around some major league star weight with his alleged contract demands for Matt Reeves’ Batman movie.

Reeves is rumored to be making an adaptation of the acclaimed Jeph Loeb/Tim Sale story, The Long Halloween, which features most of Batman’s main adversaries as he tries to track down the holiday killer. It’s a fantastic story and one that should make for a tremendous movie if done right.

We know Robert Pattinson is locked in as Batman, but the rest of the cast and characters have yet to be revealed. Now Jeffrey Wright (Westworld) is in talks to play Commissioner Gordon. Hill is reportedly under consideration to play The Penguin or The Riddler. Neither character is the main villain in The Long Halloween so it’s interesting that Hill wants $10 million — more than double that of Pattinson’s salary — to star in the film.

Variety reporter Justin Kroll tweeted that Warner Bros. has been negotiating with Hill for other a month and the money is a big factor.

I dunno…I kinda feel like there’s a slew of guys who could play Riddler of Penguin without breaking the bank on Hill. Eddie Redmayne (The Theory of Everything) already expressed interest in playing The Riddler, but Gotham’s Cory Michael Smith would be perfect too. And Josh Gad (The Wedding Ringer) has long been the fan favorite choice to play The Penguin.


What do you think? Is Hill the best casting choice to play against Pattinson or who would you like to see in either role?

Photo Credit: Warner Bros/Getty