WWE Elite 68 Pat Patterson figure review

Pat Patterson had an acclaimed wrestling career, but for most modern era fans, they know him as the behind the scenes architect guide for some of the best matches from the New Generation and Attitude Eras. Others recall him as one of Vince McMahon’s two Stooges. We really weren’t going to have a comprehensive Attitude Era collection with Stooge era Patterson, which Mattel surprisingly delivered with Elite 68.

Packaging:  The standard Elite packaging is very eye catching with the white and red color scheme. The side features a nice portrait of Patterson. On the back, we get Mattel’s best bio and stat presentation with some cool tidbits and title history. I love this new setup and hope Mattel doesn’t switch it up too much besides the possibility

The bio and stats portion is also very nicely done and this presentation really offers a top of the line look for this new series.

Likeness:  Patterson’s likeness is spot-on and I think he works well enough that he can double for his wrestling heyday thanks to Mattel putting him in his wrestling attire underneath his ring attire. Pat was a pretty simple, basic guy from the non-flashy wrestling gear.

wwe elite pat patterson figure review - wide shot

Mattel went with the right size heft for Patterson as he’s got the stockier base body.

wwe elite pat patterson figure review - scale with sgt slaughter and bruno sammartino

Scale:  Patterson is 6’1” so he’ll be looking up at the 6’4” Steve Austin and looking eye to eye to 6’1” Vince McMahon. The Vince figure is too tall, but Patterson is scaled properly.

wwe elite pat patterson figure review - with mr mcmahon

Paint:  There’s not too much in terms of required paintwork. Patterson has the hairy chest paint job and his hair even has a bit of a wash. If only it had the platinum blonde hair color Patterson actually had then we’d really be onto something.

wwe elite pat patterson figure review -wrestling attire


wwe elite pat patterson figure review -chopping sgt slaughter in the corner

Articulation:  Patterson doesn’t need a ton of special articulation as the regular Elite. It does kinda make me wish we had more Mattel offerings from the 1960s and 1970s. You can easily pull off the vintage move set for a guy from his era.

wwe elite pat patterson figure review - punching sgt slaughter

wwe elite pat patterson figure review - atomic drop on sgt slaughterPat Patterson has:

  • neck
  • bicep
  • ball-jointed shoulders
  • elbows
  • wrists
  • waist
  • hips
  • thighs
  • knees
  • ankles

wwe elite pat patterson figure review - big knee from the ropes


Accessories:  Mattel really went all out here as Patterson has a cloth T-shirt and pants from his Raw match with Gerald Brisco against Stone Cold Steve Austin.

wwe elite pat patterson figure review - accessories in tray

Patterson also comes with two open gripping hands. Additionally, he comes with a riot helmet for extra protection.

wwe elite pat patterson figure review - raising visor

Worth it? If you can find him at retail Patterson will only run you $20, the standard price for an Elite figure.

wwe elite pat patterson figure review - wearing riot gear helmet

Rating: 9 out of 10

This is a really great figure of Stooge No. 1. I would have loved for Mattel to have added a younger headsculpt as well, but this fills in a nice low-key essential supporting player during the Attitude Era.

wwe elite pat patterson figure review - beating up on stone cold steve austin with vince mcmahon

Where to get it?  Patterson is a Wal-Mart exclusive. When I found him, there were two Pattersons on the shelves, which never happens. You’ll need to hit up Wal-Mart or try eBay.