Fear the Walking Dead: Ner Tamid review S5 E12

I’m trying to catch up before this Sunday’s season finale so this one won’t be especially long. Ner Tamid was another tough slog of an episode for the Fear the Walking Dead crew.

With the first gen crew they had this annoying knack of ruining people’s comfortable situations and leaving it in a shambles in their wake. Now that’s infected the second gen crew as well making for a very frustrating season.

Most of the episode focuses on Rabbi Jacob Kessner (Peter Jacobson). Jacob is another new character who shows an impressive degree of competency. He even has a bayonet on his gun to take out the walkers surrounding his synagogue. Naturally that means someone from the convoy is going to mess it up.

fear the walking dead ner tamid review - jacob

This week it’s Charlie who ditched the convoy to find a permanent housing situation. Charlie has been around long enough to know there’s no such thing as Santa Claus, right?

Jacob confidently talks about his faith and how it’s helped him get through these crazy situation. Religious faith is something the Walking Dead universe is afraid to touch or at least handle in a compelling way. Over the course of the episode we learn his faith is completely shattered. He hadn’t gone off to get supplies. He’d ran off and when he returned, everyone was a walker. What’s with every religious guy in these series being some of the biggest cowards?

As a result, Jacob questions how God could allow this to happen. That’s a fair enough question, but it’s a little annoying that Charlie is the one who makes Jacob reconsider his habit and recommit to his faith. It’s not like she did anything inspirational besides call John and June to the synagogue.


John and June aren’t down with Charlie’s clueless suggestion that they stay at the synagogue as she somehow doesn’t understand how 36 people could be comfortable in a place intended for visitors not long-term boarders. With the walkers coming through Jacob’s defenses, June and John try a convoluted escape plan via ladders as bridges. That works about as well as you’d expect. But eventually as you’d expect the synagogue is no sanctuary anymore and Jacob has to join the caravan. Maybe he’ll join the kids we never see anymore after making their rescue a main plot point of the first half of this season?

Dwight, who with his haircut looks like he could be the fifth member of Kings of Leon, is spending more time with Sarah. That pairing has possibility I suppose. They’re on lookout and sure enough Logan and his crew catch up to the convoy. But they’re not forcing any confrontation as it was a distraction as Logan has already found the magical, mythical oil fields. Time to make some gasolina, boys!

fear the walking dead ner tamid review - john, june, sarah and dwight

Ner Tamid kept the cold streak of bad episodes intact. The most frustrating aspect is how simple some of this would be to address if the characters didn’t continually make such dumb decisions. Why wouldn’t Charlie just talk to June and John about wanting to find a safe haven and that could be an agenda item instead of just running from Logan?

I’d given up on this show before and if the rest of the season continues along the path really started at the end of last year with Martha, I can see saying goodbye again.

Rating: 5 out of 10

Photo Credit: AMC