Fear the Walking Dead: Leave What You Don’t review S5 E13

Well that was unexpected. Leave What You Don’t was a weird episode as the writers put a bullet to the head of the major arc that’s never really gone anywhere this season and introduced a far more interesting threat. I’m not putting any money on this new threat being able to salvage the season, but maybe this can lay the groundwork for a comeback sixth season?

We get Logan’s origin, which ironically played out a lot like last season’s third act villain Martha. He was happily leaving the Leave What You Don’t boxes when he gets the call over the walky talky from a woman in need of assistance. This would be the route Clayton is on, but he’s too busy getting his rig stolen by Sarah and Wendell. Logan heads out, but he runs out of gas and has to run to the woman’s rescue. By the time Logan arrives the woman is walker food and this one bad incident was apparently all it took to shatter Logan’s belief system.

These guys have undoubtedly seen some messed up stuff and this hardly seems like the absolute worst that would send him spiraling into full-on bad guy territory. Thankfully a woman arrives with her literal posse on horseback offering a way to help him out. This will probably end well…

Coincidentally, this episode spends a lot of time on Sarah feeling remorseful in her role in Clayton’s death. It’s the first time the character hasn’t been played for awkward laughs.

fear the walking dead - leave what you don't review - logan

I can finally stop complaining about the absence of the kids as apparently walker world does not abide by child labor laws. They’re working in the oil fields. Gee, hanging in your Ewok tree house forest all day or toiling in the oil fields with people coming to help you. Tough choice. I’d question how this ahem, well oiled oil field set up was assembled so expertly, but this is the crew that slapped a crash airplane back together without even a YouTube tutorial so anything is possible.

Logan arrives and wants all the gas. It’s hard to miss the visual callback to Negan and the Saviors as Logan has the crew on their knees as he tries to convince them to give up the secrets of making the gas. This eventually leads to a standoff with Dwight and Sarah while John and June are backing them up in a sniper position. But not maintaining the flames has bad consequences and soon the fields are smoky hazy mess. And that’s when the walker herd decides to start stumbling along. How has this well-tuned oil field never dealt with the issue of walkers before?


Logan’s crew rolls as Logan keeps trying to make gas for some reason. This while subplot is starting to fall apart at a very quick rate. Sarah eventually drags him into one of the offices. This oil field even has offices!

Alicia, meanwhile is painting trees, when a call comes from a woman in distress at the exact same place Logan had his fateful, life-altering encounter. Then she and Strand run out of gas and have to run to her as well. #Irony

On the CB, the woman is nearing the end and Logan directs her to a gun on the floor. How likely is a loaded gun to have remained there for any amount of time? Oh, there’s just one bullet. Just as all hope seems lost, Wes arrives and saves the woman. He wanted to pay it forward like Alicia and Strand did for him. Alright that was a nice moment.

The woman tells Alicia she left her community as she didn’t fit in with them. Wonder if we’ll see her community?


Now having seen the light, Logan starts trying to convince his crew to lead a rousing rendition of Kumbaya by the oil fire when he and his crew gets shot by the woman and her far larger posse. The woman, Ginny (The Boys’ Colby Minifie), makes a polite threat for the gang to keep cranking out gas for them…or else. After a tense standoff, Luciana agrees to stay with The Pioneers/Settlers in exchange for the rest of her friends’ safety. How does one person keep the oil fields rolling?

You know what would have really made this more meaningful? If the remorseful Sarah stayed behind, not the lone Latinx woman left on the show doing essentially slave labor. It’s a bad look guys.

Leave What You Don’t was a literal title this week as the writing crew decided they’d invested too much time into Logan and his random gang for them to be one of the more ineffective villains in the series. Better to cut bait and start fresh with The Pioneers. Hopefully they can bring some excitement to the rest of the season and beyond.

Rating: 7 out of 10

Photo Credit:  AMC