Marvel Legends Cannonball figure review – BAF Wendigo Wave

If there was an easy candidate for most divisive Marvel Legends figure of 2019 it’d be hard to top Cannonball. One of the mainstays of the New Mutants, which then evolved into X-Force, Cannonball has been one of the most prominent second generation mutants. With X-Force getting more attention from Hasbro, it was inevitable that he’d get called up for a new figure. Although well-intentioned, this figure has some collectors heated. Let’s break him down and see if I feel the same.

Packaging:   With X-Men Marvel Legends waves we know we’re getting the gold accents with the black packaging. I really can’t place the artist providing Cannonball’s art. Again, I kinda like the idea of using the art most associated with a particular character so in this case I’d go with some classic Rob Liefeld art.

marvel legends cannonball figure review - package bio

Cannonball gets the X-Force logo so it’s clear Hasbro’s priority here although it’s kinda funny then that the bio mentions his time as a co-leader of the New Mutants.

Likeness:  Helloooo controversy. The thing with Cannonball is this is a pretty good looking figure. Hasbro makes the busy Liefeld design look great. Sam’s got a fierce barreling into action expression. His goggles and chinstraps came out very nice and the jacket has all the appropriate folds and paneling. Even the shirt’s designs are sculpted. It’s a very well done top half of the figure.

marvel legends cannonball figure review - close up

Only catch is the lower half. Hasbro decided to try something different with Cannonball and gave him a blasting base. That’s a great accessory as it simulates his power in action. There’s some nice levels of translucency and a gradient of yellow to orange to red throughout. It’s the ideal accessory, but the problem is Hasbro figured that was all collectors wanted instead of regular legs.

Hasbro has done so many amazing figures in 2019 it’s hard to imagine why someone thought this was a good idea. We’ve been spoiled with figures coming with various elements to simulate their powers but not as an either/or prospect.

I don’t think anyone would have been happy if Nightcrawler’s legs were replaced with a Bamf cloud. Yeah that is a neat feature, but an awful default idea. It’s an incredibly rare misstep for Hasbro, which has done outstanding work all year. Hopefully they can figure out a way to re-release Cannonball with legs.

Paint:  The paintjob is decent. As much as I like a strong, bold purple like this figure sports, Cannonball’s jacket was far more lavender or light purple than this deep purple.

marvel legends cannonball figure review - ready to fly

In fairness to Hasbro, the coloring and look of Cannonball’s jacket seemed to dramatically change from one creative team to the next so I can see some of their confusion. The paintwork is very sharp all over without any stray marks or fading.

marvel legends cannonball figure review - looking up

And like I mentioned the explosive base has a nice mixture of colors.


Scale:  This is a tricky category in this case since he’s already powering up, but let’s just say he’s the right taller scale. He might be a fraction too bulky, but I’ll chalk that up to the jacket and not Hasbro beefing the normally slender Sam up too much.

marvel legends cannonball figure review - scale with cable and shatterstar

Articulation:  Cannonball’s arms don’t fold in further to his sides, which makes sense as he’s a human rocket anyway and is normally depicted with his arms out front. I wish the effect were longer and also had some sort of articulation points so we could angle Cannonball. The straight up effect takes away some of the visual and isn’t nearly as interesting.

marvel legends cannonball figure review - blasting away

Cannonball has:

  • neck
  • ball-jointed shoulders
  • bicep
  • elbow
  • wrist
  • wrist hinge
  • torso

marvel legends cannonball figure review - vs apocalypse with cable and shatterstar

Accessories:  It really hurts here that Cannonball doesn’t have any accessories. Just a separate head sculpt with the goggles on would have been nice…or (beating a dead horse alert!) some legs.

marvel legends cannonball figure review - in tray

Sam does come with the right leg of the Build-A-Figure Wendigo. I have a feeling this might be a major selling point of this figure for some people.

Worth it?  I got Cannonball for slightly under $20. Since he’s essentially half a figure with no accessories save the BAF part, he’s not worth the full price. I’d wait to get him around Black Friday time.

Rating:  5 out of 10

This is half of a really great figure, but Hasbro’s odd decision makes this a disappointing updated take on Cannonball.

marvel legends cannonball figure review - ready for battle with cable and shatterstar

Where to get it?  Cannonball is available at Target, but you can also order him from LMF affiliates Entertainment Earth or