Fear the Walking Dead – Today and Tomorrow review S5 E14

Fear the Walking Dead hasn’t shied away from introducing new villains very late in a season before, but it’s clear this conflict with The Pioneers has only just begun. Today and Tomorrow definitely made it clear The Pioneers threat won’t be eliminated as quickly as Logan’s crew.

This episode largely focused on Al and Morgan, two characters who have become increasingly more frustrating to follow this season. Al is near obsessive with her interviews and Morgan has become an impractical cheerleader of doing good to feel better.

They stumble onto a guy named Tom (Joe Massingill, A Good Day to Die Hard) who tries to steal some of their gas. Tom is panicked as he’s trying to escape four Pioneers, who apparently can’t look into cars while on horseback. Or spot Al raising her camera to see/record them. Presumably, in searching for someone in a parking lot you’d notice a camcorder sticking up, right?

This is on board for Al who earlier in the episode recorded a series of interviews with Morgan and immediately wants to get Tom’s story. There’s a time and place for these interviews, but Al ditches all logic to immediately get these exclusive discussions. It’s not like she’s asking any deep probing questions or anything. It’s become a real annoyance this season.

In the B subplot, Grace and Daniel are on a salvage mission. Turns out  Grace was the special ingredient that made 210 Words Per Minute one of the better episodes this season as her interaction with Daniel was the highlight again. Sure, the singing bit felt weird for Fear, but it’s hard to knock their voices. I still find it hilarious that everyone is so worried about losing the oil fields. Not like they hadn’t managed just fine without it all these years before. Maybe they wouldn’t be so reliant on the oil if they didn’t leave generators to play their propaganda tape at every truck stop? Just a thought.


Tom was the head on an homeowners association called Paradise Ridge and the Pioneers came through offering to help. Apparently, they weren’t thrilled with his leadership and evicted him saying it’s not about today, but tomorrow. This struck a nerve with Al who remembered her would-be girlfriend Isabelle saying that phrase as well.

Tom’s sister is still at Paradise Ridge so Al and Morgan decide to sneak in and get her out nevermind not having a picture to know what she looks like or anything. Shockingly, this infiltration goes badly and Ginny and crew find Morgan and Al in a pool taking out a walker. Ninjas they are not.

Ginny has lots of Kool-Aid to offer and wants Morgan and Al to buy the whole spiel complete with a refurbished stick for Morgan and a mini-interview for Al.

fear the walking dead - today and tomorrow review - grace and daniel

Morgan realizes being stuck in the past reflecting on his wife and son isn’t helping (for the 30th time — the dude has had this revelation years ago) and radios Grace. But his timing sucks as Grace isn’t feeling so good. Can Morgan make it in time to see Grace?

Not that I want Grace to get killed off so soon, but this is two episodes that have featured Grace prominently where she’s passed out and otherwise fighting her radiation sickness. The writers can’t keep milking this out and expecting the same concern and investment from the audience at this point.

Today and Tomorrow was OK even with Morgan and Al’s awful infiltration skills, but the more enjoyable aspects of the episode was Grace and Daniel. Figures the writers would kill off one of the few interesting new characters introduced this season.

Rating: 6 out of 10

Photo Credit: AMC