WWE Elite Hall of Fame Macho King Randy Savage figure review

Time for an oldie but goodie that I just finally got around to opening and reviewing. Let’s blame it on the fact I was waiting on the Elite Sherri Martel figure… Wrestling loves anointing kings. There’s Jerry Lawler, Harley Race and Booker. But few were as obnoxiously great in the gimmick as the Macho King Randy Savage. I’m fast approaching Macho Man fatigue, but I got suckered into a good price for this one. Let’s see how royal this figure is and this gets the royal treatment.

Packaging:  Of all the various packaging, the Hall of Fame hits my sweet spot. I love the blue and gold color scheme as it really offers a prestigious look to the presentation. The bio provides a pretty decent write-up of Savage’s Macho King days as well.

wwe elite macho king figure review - bio

There is some weirdness with the packaging as the Macho King seems like a last minute addition based off the sticker slapped between Jimmy Hart and Ted DiBiase with Macho King and the blank one on the corner. I’m curious who the fourth figure was intended for this wave.

wwe elite macho king figure review - arms out

Likeness:  Mattel found something they like and stuck with it forever with Macho Man head sculpts. It’s not a bad one necessarily, but somewhat pin-headed to accommodate the Defining Moments hat. I’m partial to the underused Elite 23 version as it reflected a slightly more unhinged Savage. One of the big problems with so many Savage figures is Mattel too often went with one head sculpt when there were more options available.

wwe elite macho king figure review - with wcw macho man and defining moments figure

I was hoping Mattel would make the shirt for this attire. As Macho King, Savage would wrestle with the shirt on and going that route would have helped distinguish this from some of the other figures.

wwe elite macho king figure review - facing wcw and defining moments randy savage

Scale: Savage was 6’1” putting him right at a slightly below average height compared to other main eventers like the 6’8” Hulk Hogan and 6’3” Ultimate Warrior. The figure looks just about right compared to his peers, which is always a bonus.

Paint:  Macho King had far more intricate attires than his Macho Man days. Mattel did a great job here from the mix matched checkerboard patterns along the tights to the three tone colors on the boots. If costs were a factor in eliminating more Macho King accessories at least we can see where the money was spent.

Articulation:  Macho King has the standard Elite body so he accomplishes all of the basic moves. His chest and shoulder joints don’t come together enough to do a perfect flying elbowdrop or axe-handle, but it’s close enough.

wwe elite macho king figure review - flying axe handle on dusty rhodes

My figure had a problem that’s weirdly common with Macho Man figures — the torso joint is super loose and can’t hold the upright pose very long.

wwe elite macho king figure review - apron elbow smash on brutus beefcake

Macho King has:

  • neck
  • ball-jointed shoulders
  • bicep
  • elbow
  • wrist
  • wrist hinge
  • waist
  • hip
  • thigh
  • knee
  • ankle

wwe elite macho king figure review - facing off with hacksaw jim duggan

wwe elite macho king figure review - elbow drop to hacksaw jim duggan

Accessories:  I’ve already complained about the lack of a shirt so I’ll break down what is included.

wwe elite macho king figure review - inner tray

Macho King gets his specter, which is important to knock out the Royal Rumble 1991 Ultimate Warrior. Additionally, he gets a color coordinated set of sunglasses.

wwe elite macho king figure review - with sensational sherri

Most important for this attire is the crown. I wish Mattel repurposed the cape it used for the Ringside Collectibles exclusive. That further sold the king look. This figure seems slightly bare-boned.

Worth It?  I wasn’t planning on getting this one, but I managed to catch a Target sale for $15. At that price, it was worth adding to the ever-expanding Macho Man collection. Given there’s so many Macho Man figures out there, I wouldn’t recommend this one unless you’re a completist.

wwe elite macho king figure review - macho man pose

Rating: 7 out of 10

This figure is a decent Macho King, but this isn’t worth grabbing if you’re overloaded on Savage figures. For a more dynamic Macho King figure, the RSC version is probably the better bet.

wwe elite macho king figure review - main pic

Where to Get It? Thanks to some wacky distribution of the Hall of Fame line, I’ve actually seen a few Macho Kings in Target stores. Since that’s a crapshoot, you can always try the secondary market like Amazon.com and eBay.