Fear the Walking Dead – Channel 5 review S5 E15 – cancel this program

Fear the Walking Dead has decided to opt for the going out with a whimper approach for Season 5. Channel 5 might have been one of the worst episodes of the season, but honestly it’s getting harder to quantify worst in what’s been a completely forgettable season. There’s literally nothing that’s happened of any consequence. Regardless what happens in tonight’s season finale you could safely skip this season and not have missed anything.

Channel 5 starts off immediately on an ominous note as Ginny and The Pioneers have gotten into the propaganda video business. This pisses off Al, who makes a clap back response video. So basically this is the worst rap battle ever.

Al wants to #mute The Pioneers with a video showing the real struggle of good people. I read a lot of how people view Morgan’s portrayal similar to a cult leader peddling goodness, but Al really isn’t far off as she’s got this crew revealing their life story to be traded on the open market. And now Wes has bought in. Remember when Wes seemed like one of the more unique characters the crew encountered in a while? Now he’s just another Morgan and Al acolyte spreading the good news of goodness.

fear-the-walking-dead-channel-5-review - ginny

It doesn’t help that Al has everyone looking like bozos dutifully recording everything and forgetting any sense of privacy and borders. Ugh. These video interviews were cool last season, but man has it become a storytelling crutch over this season.

These were all problematic annoyances, but Channel 5’s real issue came when the crew learned they were close to another Humbug Gulch location. You remember Humbug Gulch of course. That was the frontier Dave & Busters franchise that was apparently all over, but we never heard about it until this season? Also, the first one was when John and June met Dwight. That spot seemed perfectly fine minus a few random walkers to kill.

Still, it’s not like clearing out walkers at a safe location makes as much sense as endlessly driving around on fumes with a caravan (way to be green) in the search for sanctuary. I also won’t mention Daniel’s warehouse or the mall Morgan and Grace found as reasonable shelters. This season’s lack of direction has always been obvious, but when the Hail Mary subplot centers around finding shelter when they’ve passed up several worthwhile shelters it doesn’t make a lot of sense. Then again, neither does leaving four people behind at the one lone factory in Fear’s universe. Have they really not found anything else on that front as good as the jeans plant?

To complicate matters, Grace gets dehydrated and Morgan is in his feelings about not being there for her earlier. Meanwhile Tom has found his sister Janis (Holly Curran), who managed to escape from the condo complex. Based on what happens, it sure does seem like Janis probably would have been better off escaping from Tom. After a fiery confrontation, Ginny yells and screams for Morgan and company to accept their aid. I wonder if the Pioneers has someone better equipped for the marketing team? Ginny seems a little intense…


This somehow inspires Team Morgan to want to show Ginny their clueless way of taking care of things is the right way to go. Basically both factions are now acting like high-key morons. There’s a confrontation on a bridge — did the Fear writers completely forget one of the main plot points of last season’s far superior The Walking Dead revolved around a major moment on a bridge? — and Tom dies. Wait, that kinda implies some heroic death like Rick Grimes. No, Tom was a moron who wanted to do do a selfie recording as the bridge was going out. On the plus side at least Al recovered the tape.

Think about how crazy that is for a second. Tom completely bought in to Al and Morgan’s craziness and literally died to show Ginny up. I really can’t with this crew in a way that not even Madison with her derail the entire plan and sanctuary for Nick’s sake had me feeling about this show. At least I could understand Madison’s actions on the basest level that she was his mother and would do anything for him. Al and Morgan have had their crew doing foolishness all season and have nothing to show for it but more mouths, no gas and dwindling supplies.

The kids had a perfect little setup on Endor. Rabbi Jacob had his synagogue. Wes was painting trees, Dwight had his scraggly beard wild man look going and Tom wasn’t dying over a video. How has anyone Morgan’s crew encountered this season been better off from joining with them? At least Grace was already dying.


On the march to Humbug Gulch 2, John asks Morgan to be his best man. He’s marrying June as soon as they settle in. Wes and Alicia seem to be getting romantically close and everyone is high on life ready to show Ginny that they don’t need her help.

fear-the-walking-dead-channel-5-review - june and john

The great irony of this season is they’ve been forcing help on others and failing while Ginny and The Pioneers might be forcing aid, but people mostly seem better off with them. It makes the whole killing of Logan’s crew seem like a terrible decision from the writers. Had Ginny just excommunicated Logan for failing to make good on the deal that would be enough of a check in the con column of working with The Pioneers. There’s no telling when they’d get a bullet to the head, but the problem is Morgan and his crew haven’t done enough good for anyone either.

These walker encounters this season have been toothless — pun intended.

Humbug Gulch is just ahead the hill and to their surprise, it’s full of walkers. So was the other one. But it’s just full of walkers. It’s not like they can’t take them out. This season the walker encounters have been totally toothless — pun intended. They’re no threat at all. No character of any merit has been scratched let alone killed by a walker. There’s no reason to suspect they couldn’t just clear them out, heck let Jacob lead the way since he was good at that back at the synagogue and set up camp.

Instead, Morgan and crew dejectedly decide to call Ginny and ask for help. At least Dwight has the good sense to walk off. Partnering up with The Saviors Part 2 doesn’t seem like a good idea and he’s gone. Maybe to return to Alexandria and a better show?

Channel 5 felt like a filler episode which is crazy for the penultimate installment of the season. It’s not like anything that happened was going to save this season, which has been one character debacle after another. This one’s for you Tom.

Rating: 1 out of 10

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