Space Bandits #4 review

Space Bandits has quickly ascended to the level of Magic Order and Prodigy as one of Mark Millar’s best new titles. The sci-fi revenge thriller gets some needed twists this issue as Millar was making Cody and Thena’s big payback plan a little too easy.

Cody and Thena’s confrontation with the drugged out sex fiend Bowser Weex. This battle ends in a very unexpected way as Millar keeps subverting expectations as to how this hit list gets resolved.

In a fun twist, Thena starts to question her need for payback when she encounters her ex Viggo.

One of my favorite aspects of the series is how true Millar sticks to the characters. Cody is a strategist, not a fighter and handles confrontations from a calculated perspective. Thena might be the brawler of the duo, but she’s not a hothead either.

Space Bandits is a female-fronted title, but Millar doesn’t make the mistake of making the male characters look like bozos by comparison. They’re formidable so Cody and Thena have to be just as savvy and prepared for every scenario.


I’m loving Matteo Scalera’s 80s-infusion art style as it seems kinda random, but it’s a perfect stylistic choice for this title. Scalera’s art looks like something you would have seen on MTV’s Liquid Television right after Aeon Flux. It’s incredibly dynamic and full of energetic life. Marcel Maiolo’s gorgeous colors further embody that cool 80s punk feel.

Even with just four issues this cliffhanger feels well earned although it’s easy to see how this reveal could be stretched out to the season finale if Space Bandits were a Netflix series.

This book delivers on every way from its colorful characters and lavish art style.

Rating: 10 out of 10

Photo Credit: Image Comics