DC Comics reviews for 10/2/19 – Batman #80, Justice League #33, DCeased #5

Batman #80

batman #80

Batman and Catwoman begin their assault to take back Gotham from Bane’s clutches. In a lot of ways this is one of the more frustrating recent issues.

Batman and Catwoman take down some of Batman’s Rogues like Two-Face, Hush and Mad Hatter with no effort. There’s something weird about Batman savagely beating down his clearly brainwashed Rogues. Writer Tom King almost puts them in a sympathetic light since they’re so ineffective and feeble in these encounters. Hopefully King has a great payoff explaining why Bane wanted Gotham’s villains under his sway.

King also didn’t clear up the biggest question of Batman knowing Bane killed Alfred.

John Romita Jr. swings by to handle the art this issue. Shifting from Tony S. Daniel to Romita is a jarring switch, but fortunately Romita knocks out the entire issue, which is a positive trend.

Tomeu Morey experimented with some different lighting throughout and it helped sell the deep stakes of Batman resurfacing.
King left a lot of questions unanswered but Batman’s comeback looks to have some huge repercussions for the Bat family again.

Rating: 6 out of 10