WWE Elite 69 Ricochet figure review

One of the main reasons I was so fascinated with Lucha Underground was its featured star, Prince Puma. He reminded me of a young Rey Mysterio Jr. when I first saw his matches in ECW. I was slightly annoyed when he left the promotion to join the WWE, but at least in NXT he was able to retain his regular wrestling name of Ricochet. It didn’t take long for Ricochet to become a major player on the NXT scene and he was quickly “promoted” to the main roster.

This figure has been a long time arriving in my collection so I was ecstatic to find him without even searching. Let’s see if this figure can fly as high as the one and only.

Packaging:  Mattel is switching up the Elite packaging again so this Elite 69 wave is one of the last few featuring this particular set up.

The standard Elite packaging is very eye catching with the white and red color scheme. At times, Mattel tends to go with the “default” expression of the character and go with an alternate look for the figure. That’s the case here and I wonder why they keep switching it up. I dig the presentation of the bio and stats as well.

Likeness:  I can definitely see Ricochet in this head sculpt, but I’m not loving the expression as it’s too much like he’s trying to do the People’s Eyebrow. Ricochet has a little cockiness to him, but the side portrait art with the smile seems more fitting for a standard look. This will likely be one of those cases where I’ll grab the eventual Basic with a different head sculpt.

wwe elite 69 ricochet figure review - wide shot

Otherwise, the figure is fantastic. Mattel actually gave Ricochet the ripped torso they seem to never use for Finn Balor figures. The arms are the proper size and he looks ready to hit the top rope and start flying.

My only other gripe would be Mattel could have come up with a different way to implement the half gold/half black right leg tight design. I’ll likely just slap a smaller kneepad since Ricochet actually wears them.

Scale:  At 5’9” Ricochet is not a giant and he should be looking up at the 5’11” AJ Styles and looking down at the 5’5” Johnny Gargano. Ricochet is fine, but the AJ Styles figure is really starting to look out of scale. Mattel needs to make scaling AJ properly a real priority.



Paint:  Ricochet wears some fairly complicated tights, but Mattel did an excellent job here capturing that look. I still wish they weren’t as inconsistent with the kneepads and tight designs. That would make Ricochet look even better.

The True FX face printing turned out smoothly. Given the expression, Ricochet could have looked awful with spotty paintwork.

Just as impressive is the work on Ricochet’s elaborate chest/right arm tattoo. Mattel did a fantastic job here.

Articulation:  Ricochet is a high-flier so he’s a fun guy to plan around with in terms of simulating his moveset.

wwe elite 69 ricochet figure review - flipping onto cesaro

wwe elite 69 ricochet figure review - super kick to cesaro

You won’t be able to do any 360 or 720s, but for the most part you’ll be able to pull off a number of Ricochet’s signature arsenal.

wwe elite 69 ricochet figure review - dive onto aj styles

Ricochet has:

  • neck
  • bicep
  • ball-jointed shoulders
  • elbows
  • wrists
  • waist
  • hips
  • thighs
  • knees
  • ankles

wwe elite 69 ricochet figure review - flying clothesline to samoa joe

Accessories:  Ricochet comes with his entrance robe that’s a tribute to New Japan star Tanahashi.

wwe elite 69 ricochet figure review - accessories in tray

It’s very well detailed and one of those instances why going plastic makes a lot more sense than trying to do this in cloth. The silver detailing is nicely done without any paint splatter or sloppy line work.

He also comes with alternate hands to make his raising to the sky look. These do a lot to help sell the action for poses. Those are nice extras and can work for chop hands as well.

wwe elite 69 ricochet figure review - chopping samoa joe

Worth it?  I was able to get most of Elite 69 while it was on sale for $16. Without a Build-A-Figure piece, that is the sweet spot for this line and sold me on buying a few more figures as well.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Besides the curious expression choice this is a fantastic Ricochet figure and such a good take collectors won’t have to wait for the definitive take unless he’s incorporated into the Ultimate Edition line.

wwe elite 69 ricochet figure review - main pic

Where to get it?  Ricochet and the rest of his Elite 69 wave mates are now available at Target stores. If that’s too challenging, there’s always the Amazon.com route.