DC Comics reviews 10/9/19 – Detective Comics #1013, Event Leviathan #5

Event Leviathan #5

event leviathan #5

For the penultimate issue of Event Leviathan, writer Brian Michael Bendis spends a lot of time spinning his wheels with repetitive dialogue and playing keep away with the big payoff. No, we won’t learn who Leviathan is this issue even as both teams of detectives have narrowed their list of suspects.

The most frustrating aspect of the story is Bendis hasn’t written the mini-series in a manner that’s remotely possible to piece together clues to know Leviathan’s identity or purpose.

Instead Bendis is content having the characters spout off dialogue as if they were in a 90s NBC sitcom. Few of the characters sound consistent with their normal portrayals with Elongated Man being deathly serious while Zatanna fangirls out over talking with Lois Lane.

Bendis also keeps making Lois come off like an idiot with no regard for Superman’s secret identity by constantly calling out “Smallville.” It’s not like Superman has super Vision so he could hear Lois refer to him by his childhood home without everyone hearing. And besides the cool aesthetic, Bendis fails to explain why Deathstroke is among the second detective team especially considering the current events in his standalone title.

Alex Maleev’s art is appropriately moody but it’s hard to follow at times.

Last issue seemed like the story was finally going to progress so Bendis stalling for another issue was incredibly disappointing. You could easily skip this issue and miss absolutely nothing. Bendis is putting all his chips in on the final issue in hopes readers will be satisfied with the conclusion even if the journey was so uneventful.

Rating: 4 out of 10