The Flash: Into the Void review S6 E1

Yeah it might be on the nose and cheap, but it’s hard to not like a Flash episode that uses Queen’s Flash Gordon theme. Besides Into the Void was a pretty effective way to start the sixth season and build the hype train for Crisis on Infinite Earths.

The main theme of the episode was Barry and Iris were struggling to deal with their grief over losing Nora. With Nora getting wiped out in the last 10 minutes of last season’s finale there wasn’t a lot of time to decompress and process her death. Devoting at least the season premiere on their grieving in different ways made sense.

For Barry, that was being all about stopping crime in Central City while Iris focused on The Citizen.

the flash into the void review - barry and iris

Timing hasn’t been kind to the Arrowverse lately. The whole Oliver sacrificing himself to save the universe can’t help but echo the main theme of Avengers: Endgame. And when orange and black portals started opening up it was hard not to think of the Avengers (and company) returning.

But it was just black holes courtesy of Flash comic fan favorite Chunk, he got a makeover as a geek vlogger Chester P. Runk Brandon McKnight). Chunk’s original comic presentation wasn’t gonna fly on the CW and this take worked just fine.

It took helping Chester to force Barry and Iris to come clean with their feelings. In just one episode Grant Gustin and Candice Patton reminded everyone why the head of the class when it comes to delivering romantic pathos scenes. This was such a strong scene.

the flash into the void review -iris, barry, caitlin, ralph and cisco

In the smaller subplots, Ralph returns ready to vie for the best Team Flash support staff member crown as he helped Killer Frost realize she needed a life of her own. KF has a more comic inspired costume this season, which is a much better look. Now if only Cisco can give Ralph an upgrade…


Heroes’ Sendilhil Ramamurthy debuted as Ramsey Rosso, a Doctor who wants to use STAR Labs’ Dark Matter for his experiment to cure cancer.

Caitlin did come off super hypocritical by basically saying Team Flash can use it how they please to help people lose the meta-gene. Kinda seems like curing cancer would be far more useful. Ramsey wasn’t deterred and ended up procuring some Dark Matter on his own.

Central City has the best organized trash service in the Arrowverse. It was impressive how quickly Iris tracked down the box Joe inadvertently tossed with the future XS jacket. And it was a nice touch for Barry to make that the centerpiece of an XS memoriam.

the flash into the void review - the monitor

The Monitor arrives in the time vault and tells Barry not to make any plans in six months as The Flash must die in December to save billions.I’m so glad Crisis is going to be a main plot point as we build to the crossover. It’s not the kind of event that should be short-changed with a blink and you miss it post credit scene the week before.

Based on next week’s preview the first half of the season might be a flip on Season 3 where Team Flash tries to save Barry from a future fate instead of Iris. But what about that deal Oliver made last year with The Monitor?

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

Photo Credit: The CW