WWE Elite 69 Tommaso Ciampa figure review

Tommaso Ciampa was one of my favorite NXT champions. He was undoubtedly the best heel the WWE had in several years and a great job of carrying NXT until his unfortunate neck injury. With his triumphant return, I figured it made sense to shoot him up to the front of the review line. Let’s see if his Elite 69 figure is worthy of one of the promotion’s top stars.

Packaging:  Mattel is switching up the Elite packaging again so this Elite 69 wave is one of the last few featuring this particular set up. The standard Elite packaging is very eye catching with the white and red color scheme. The side features a nice portrait of Ciampa in all his sinister glory.

On the back, we get Mattel’s best bio and stat presentation with some cool tidbits and title history. I love this new setup. The bio and stats portion is also very nicely done and this presentation really offers a top of the line look for this new series.

Likeness:  The head sculpt is outstanding and really fits Ciampa’s crueler rougher attitude once he turned heel. I like this head sculpt a lot and it’s very different from the previous Ciampa figures.

wwe elite 69 tommaso ciampa figure review - with diy ciampa

In a step up from the DIY version, Mattel gave Ciampa the smaller ripped torso. That’s far better suited for his physique. Mattel does need to figure out some way to pad out Ciampa’s neck and head section as his head is still too low. Position that higher and his head would look much better.

wwe elite 69 tommaso ciampa figure review - facing diy ciampa

Scale:  At 5’11” Ciampa is about average height for modern NXT wrestlers. He’s an inch taller than the 5’10” Johnny Gargano although that DIY version had the opposite problem with the high head and neck peg.

Ciampa is taller than the 5’9” Ricochet as well. Ciampa seems scaled right, but Ricochet is definitely not in the same scale. Mattel is starting to get a little inconsistent with scaling, which is annoying as that was a huge selling point with their line.

Paint:  Mattel actually did something we rarely see from them as they added some white dry brushing in the beard to simulate Ciampa’s actual salt and pepper look. His beard is more brown than black, but it’s a welcome improvement from Mattel.

wwe elite 69 tommaso ciampa figure review - wide shot

Ciampa also gets the hairy chest paint job, another improvement from the DIY version.

The tight detail is also well done as Mattel did its best to capture the belt appearance. It’s a pretty elaborate design to incorporate in a smaller space, but Mattel knocked it out with the circles and line work.


wwe elite 69 tommaso ciampa figure review - knee strike to johnny gargano

Articulation:  Ciampa wrestles a cruiser-brawler style and the Elite articulation makes that pretty easy to incorporate besides the submission moves. It’s the biggest downside to the Elite model. Beyond that you can have a lot of fun putting him in action against his fellow NXT stars.

wwe elite 69 tommaso ciampa figure review - faceplant to ricochet

Tommaso Ciampa has:

  • neck
  • bicep
  • ball-jointed shoulders
  • elbows
  • wrists
  • waist
  • hips
  • thighs
  • knees (double-jointed)
  • ankles

wwe elite 69 tommaso ciampa figure review - fighting johnny gargano on the ring apron

wwe elite 69 tommaso ciampa figure review - scorpion on johnny gargano

Accessories:  Again, Mattel did right by the champ giving him camo that kinda was his signature interview attire. I love this as we get his default promo look too. If only they could have included his tank top shirt as well to finish the look.

wwe elite 69 tommaso ciampa figure review - sitting on turnbuckle

He also has the crutch he used through his recovery in attacking his former partner.

wwe elite 69 tommaso ciampa figure review - fighting johnny gargano over the crutch

Additionally, he gets a gold knee brace that he would wear in matches, but also over the camo pants. Mattel did allow for enough clearance that the knee brace fits over the camo pants.

Like most new figures, Ciampa has alternate hands. This time he gets wide open palms. I like the option although I’m not sure if those were the best fit for him. At least with the two open hands, he can hold a chair and other weapons.

wwe elite 69 tommaso ciampa figure review - accessories in tray

I wish Ciampa also came with his leather jacket ring wear, but that’s something for the Ultimate Edition version I suppose?

Worth it?  I got Elite 69 for $16. That’s a great price for Elite figures.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

wwe elite 69 tommaso ciampa figure review - leaning on crutch

Where to get it?  I found Elite 69 at Target. If you strike out there you can always go the Amazon.com route or order the entire case from Entertainment Earth.