Marvel Legends Skullbuster figure review – BAF Caliban Wave

Woo-hoo. I’m actually completing a Marvel Legends wave here with the Marvel Legends Skullbuster. It’s been a question of what wave would get knocked out first for awhile, but the Reaver is the last figure I needed to review to complete Caliban. Let’s get to it.

I’m starting to realize I’m less excited about figures if they’re part of a team that lacks other members for the time being. Sure, we get a “bonus” two-fer with Skullbuster, but let’s be honest — this guy and that wack Lady Deathstrike aren’t going to have Wolverine spending too many sleepless nights.

Packaging:   I love the X-Men gold accent colors on the traditional Marvel Legends black. It pops although I’m less a fan of the colored side portrait. The bio is fine and covers the important information about the Reaver.

marvel legends skullbuster figure review - package bio

Likeness:  From the few reference pictures I was able to cobble together, Skullbuster is pretty off model. Hasbro took care of the main elements like that distinctive scary mask and some scattered cybernetic parts, but this doesn’t really match up well with the source material.

marvel legends skullbuster figure review -close up

He’s more a case of allowing Hasbro to do good enough while reusing the Deathlok base body. In that sense, Skullbuster is perfectly adequate. It’s not like I was expecting Hasbro to make a dedicated sculpt for any of the Reavers. The base body works though and with the vest with Mad Max style shoulder pads it works for him.

marvel legends skullbuster figure review - gun wide shot

Paint:  What Skullbuster lacks in original sculpting, Hasbro covered up with an appropriate Reavers paint job of military dark green, black and silver. Of course the best part of the paintjob is the head sculpt, which gives Skullbuster a terrifying appearance. It really sets the entire figure up nicely.

Scale:  Skullbuster is a little taller than the average Marvel Legend figure. That makes sense for a dude with cybernetic enhancements.


Articulation:  The Deathlok mold moves pretty smoothly and he’s definitely more of a point and shoot kind of character.

marvel legends skullbuster figure review - on the run

Skullbuster has:

  • neck
  • ball-jointed shoulders
  • bicep
  • elbow (double jointed)
  • wrist
  • wrist hinge
  • torso
  • waist
  • hips
  • thighs
  • knees (double jointed)
  • ankles


Accessories:  The big plus here is the additional head of Skullbuster’s fellow Reaver, Macon Reese.

marvel legends skullbuster figure review - with reese head

Hasbro didn’t shortchange this look and really captured the distinctive elements of the visor and helmet/earpiece contraption nicely. It’s a smart addition even if the body isn’t the best fit for Reese.

marvel legends skullbuster figure review - with lady deathstrikes and reese

Most collectors have gone the Marvel Legends Nuke route for Reese, which allows you to have both Reavers together.

Ideally we could swap Nuke’s vest for Skullbuster’s since that looks a little better and blends in more with the Nuke pants. Another option is the Hercules figure, although he might be a little more chiseled than the broad Nuke.

marvel legends skullbuster figure review - raising gun

Skullbuster comes with the same pistol as the Deathlok figure. I’ll probably go with a longer blaster as that seems more fitting for a mutant killing cyborg.

marvel legends skullbuster figure review -aiming gun

Finally, Skullbuster comes with the right arm of the Build-A-Figure Caliban.

marvel legends skullbuster figure review - accessories in tray

Worth it?  I grabbed Skullbuster for $17. I’d like a few more guns for a character of this type, but the additional Reese head definitely makes for a cool bonus.

marvel legends skullbuster figure review - gun in holster

Rating:  9.5 out of 10

Skullbuster is a cool figure and a good start to the Reavers. Hopefully Hasbro sticks with its intention of completing teams as I’d really like to have a full crew of Reavers.

marvel legends skullbuster figure review - tracking wolverine and jubilee

Where to get it?  Skullbuster is available at retail spots like Best Buy, Target, GameStop and Wal-Mart and is still available on for a little less than retail, but he might drop down further around Black Friday time.