The Walking Dead: We Are the End of the World review S10 E2

Was We Are the End of the World the most eerie and unsettling episode of The Walking Dead? Probably. And that was long before Alpha and Beta started chanting the Whisperers Lantern motto.

One of the reasons the Saviors never quite reached top dog villain status in TWD was they were just run of the mill bullies led by a charismatic, swag-filled boss with a spiked bat. The Whisperers are at another level because they’re less a greaser street gang and more of a cult movement. Tonight peeled back the curtain on the start of this era in all of its twisted and dark glory.

When Alpha Met Beta

We alternate between the nearly current day and seven years ago where Prof. Alpha is still teaching her tough love parenting course. Lydia nearly pulled a Sam and got them killed while they walked among walkers. Alpha stumbled into an asylum where they meet the yet to be named Beta, who’s rocking an original Jason Voorhees throwback mask. Beta reluctantly agrees to let them stay the night.

the walking dead we are the end of the world - alpha and young lydia

Lydia is rattled and Alpha’s pep talk is pretty much trash as she advised Lydia to become more like her or get left behind. Of course if Jessie had that kind of talk with Sam earlier they might still be alive now…

When some walkers manage to come in, Beta and Alpha perform some impressive kills. Watching Beta kill had Alpha in GM mode with the No.1 draft pick. She couldn’t wait to run to the podium to announce her selection.


The Sisters

Ever the talent scout, Alpha had two sisters roll with Beta on the latest walker gathering endeavor. One of the sisters was Frances (Juliet Brett), the mother of the child Connie had to rescue in the fields after Alpha deemed her a necessary sacrifice to get Lydia back. Her sister (Thora Birch) seems to realize where this is headed and doesn’t even bother trying to stop Beta from killing Frances. Alpha holds him off and basically gives Frances a come to Alpha moment and spares her. Beta doesn’t recognize this kinder, gentler Alpha, but she assures him she’ll kill Frances if she screws up again. How creepy was The Whisperers’ death cave? Between the ominous music and Alpha’s amazing disregard for personal space, this is the last stop any Whisperer would want to visit.

the walking dead we are the end of the world - gamma

Frances is back on the Kool-Aid and slurping up all the runoff. She’s fully back on board #TeamWhisperers until she sees the satellite crashing and hallucinates into thinking a walker has her baby. This ends badly. As the walkers surround Frances, her sister arrives…to pull free another Whisperer from the crowd. It’s Alpha, who is very impressed at her loyalty and willingness to cut off her blood ties for the good of the pack. Alpha is so moved she anoints the sister Gamma. This alphabet is getting a little crowded. I’m way behind in the comics, but I’m wondering who Alpha would select to be Omega.

The End of the World

At first it seemed like Beta was boiling over with jealousy. He might be upset over someone getting the unique designation he had with Alpha, but he was more concerned that she lied about killing Lydia.

In the final flashback, we learn Alpha killed Beta’s friend — and possible therapist? He’s overcome with grief and won’t leave him so Alpha suggests he doesn’t have to abandon him and offers her knife. And thus we’ve got the origin story of the Whisperers’ masks. Yikes. I’m just gonna hope I don’t have any friends that would need my literal face to carry around as a reminder.

the walking dead we are the end of the world - beta

Present day, Beta re-establishes his bond with Alpha as they chant their oh-so creepy motto that really reminded me of the Black Lanterns Corps from Geoff Johns’ Green Lantern run. The circling camera and extreme close-ups added even more to this scene, which eventually leads to Alpha emerging from the wounds and sees Carol.

Now we’re all caught up, what’s going to be the fallout?

We Are the End of the World was a solid origin episode that served a dual purpose of the formation of The Whisperers leadership core and establishing the mindset of a Whisperer who moves up the ranks.

Rating: 9 out of 10

Photo Credit: AMC