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Trick movie review – the jokes on the audience

Despite their impressive pedigree, the filmmakers of Trick fail to create the next Halloween sensation with an aggravating and disappointing effort.

One Halloween, a high school student snaps and goes on a killing spree. Presumed dead after an encounter with Det. Mike Denver (Mike Epps) and Sheriff Jayne (Ellen Adair), Trick returns very Halloween to go another slaughter.

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Co-screenwriter/Director Patrick Lussier and Todd Farmer have collaborated on some solid efforts specifically Jason X and the very underrated My Bloody Valentine.

Trick is an ugly horror film with some gruesome deaths for the sake of being gruesome. The film quality is too pristine for the dark and ominous tone intended. It become more than a little frustrating how Trick exhibits near super powers of evasion and teleportation.

Coupled with the potential victims’ unbelievable lack of survivor instincts and Trick quickly becomes a horror movie that cheats on delivering authentic scares and thrills.

Horror movie villains all possess some level of invulnerability but Trick just uses a high-degree level of parkour and impressive cardio to be un-killable. It gets silly watching characters armed with guns unable to stop Trick while actively searching for him. This isn’t a situation of a superhuman Jason Voorhees or Michael Myers taking out unsuspecting teens. Trick taunts the cops who put on their Storm trooper aiming hats and can’t hit anything.


That makes it tough for Epps and Adair to come off credible. They do their best with lousy material, but there’s only so much they can do. At least final girl Cheryl (Kristina Reyes) has some bare bones semblance of a story arc. And Tom Atkins (My Bloody Valentine) is funny as the grouchy diner owner Talbott. Jamie Kennedy feels like a stunt casting choice as a doctor, but his involvement in the film foreshadows a late development.

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With My Bloody Valentine, Lussier and Farmer put together a very smart horror thriller that had a good buildup and better payoff. Trick’s lack of motivation and longstanding grudge don’t make any sense so it’s hard to get into the story. The twist is so stupid and an awful payoff for this nearly two hour investment.

What’s even more annoying is the hero characters’ complete inability to do anything competent even when they have all the answers. They’d rather talk than take action and by the final act it gets really old.

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If you’re looking for a good Halloween horror film don’t fall for this Trick.

Rating: 1 out of 10

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