Titans: Bruce Wayne review S2 E7 – mind games

Dick’s guilt is driving him batty while someone is playing mind games with the Titans in Bruce Wayne.

This wasn’t the crazy action-packed episode as some of the recent ones and it featured the hallucination conscious trope that is tricky to pull off, but it was another strong episode for Titans.

Bats in my Belfry

Dick is out of sorts after Jason’s near death experience. He’s already carrying a serious burden from the Titans’ first incarnation and seeing one of his successors coming this close to dying has him seeing and hearing things in the form of his mentor, Bruce Wayne. Bruce goaded and taunted Dick as he raged out and went hunting Deathstroke. Watching Iain Glen do the Batusi was something I didn’t know I needed. We’ll need the gif makers on that ASAP please.


Eventually this led him to Wintergreen, who is a stone cold player in Titans. Deathstroke is enjoying sending Dick in circles. Deep down Dick knows it too as evidenced by Bruce’s commentary. Dick finally figures out the only way to face Deathstroke is armed with the truth. And to do that he’s got to tell his team.

Light my Fire

Connor is slowly dying from the Kryptonite bullets. There’s nothing the Titans can do but make him more comfortable.

Fortunately Eve decided for her LexCorp severance package she’s taking Krypto too. Krypto isn’t a passive rescue dog though and uses his heat vision on a ricochet and flies him and Eve out. I want a super dog. You know what’s more impressive than a super dog? A super dog that actually listens to commands.

Krypto finds Connor with no trouble and Eve tells Kori and Dawn the only thing that can heal him is the radiation that’s found in the sun. Problem solved. Kori and Raven team up to give Connor enough sweet, sweet sunlight.


The Outsider

Jason was having a hard time dealing with the fallout from his fall. In true Jason fashion he isolated himself, first with an intense workout session followed by staring out his window.

Rose surprisingly came by perhaps recognizing him as another damaged teen that survived an encounter with Deathstroke. They were hitting it of well…very well when Rose found an album with her brother Jericho’s handwriting. Rose is no fool and quickly pieced together that the Titans were the bad crew Jericho got hooked up with that got him killed. Or did it?

In My Head

Right up until this episode I wondered if the Titans writers were shaking up the Judas Contract adaptation and having Rose play the role of the infiltrating Titan.

I didn’t give them enough credit as they found a more sophisticated method that works out better in the context of what’s happened in the series. The infiltrator is operating on a far more subtle level trying to destroy the team from within.


Don finds a bottle in his room while Donna finds the orange drink Garth got her while Dawn finds a picture of the kid killed at their cabin. Raven gets graffiti on her mirrors. They eventually all settle on Jason being the one screwing with them, but what if it was someone who could easily bounce from one Titan to the next without them knowing? Of course if someone had the ability to inhabit a body Gar would make a great candidate since he could swap into animal form virtually unnoticed in his smaller forms.

Assuming that’s what happened, I love that twist of having Jericho screwing with the team. It makes sense for a vindictive Jericho to want revenge on this level against the team and multiple levels. And poor Jason is the fall guy for everything.

True Confessions

One of the best additions to this season has been Jason. In the comics Dick and Jason didn’t have much of a relationship when Jason replaces him. It was just “screw you Bruce” and that was it. Titans is diving deeper into Jason’s need for acceptance and Dick trying to do better with Jason than Bruce did with him and failing. Jason was ready to end it all convinced he was a poison to everyone around him. Suicide isn’t a subject discussed too often with superheroes, but given his psyche, it’s easier to see how Jason could be in this head space.


Dick arrives on the roof to talk him off the ledge by telling Jason he’s not the problem with the Titans. It’s Dick and the reason things are so haunted with the team is because he killed Deathstroke’s son.

I’m interested in seeing how this plays out. Is this a case where Dick thought he killed Jericho? Jericho was “killed” by Slade after possessing someone or something altogether different. There’s a lot of interesting possibilities. One thing for sure is Titans set up a great mystery and we’re finally going to get some answers with next week’s episode titled Jericho.

Rating: 9 out of 10

Photo Credit: DC Universe