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Baltimore Comic Con 2019 – creators’ showcase and cosplay gallery 1

Baltimore Comic Con is always a lot of fun. There’s so many comic book creators on the big and small scale to talk to in an informal setting. The lines are never too crazy and there’s plenty of space to rifle through good deals on trades, figures and more.

I always enjoy chatting with Peter J. Tomasi (Super Sons, Detective Comics). He’s one of the more unfiltered and just refreshingly candid comic writers I encounter annually on the comic con circuit. He discussed the upcoming slate of his run on Detective — don’t worry readers, he’s not going anywhere anytime soon — and will be continuing working with artists Bradley Walker and Doug Mahnke.

baltimore comic con 2019 - peter j tomasi

I asked about Mahnke’s lengthy and amazing work on this latest run so far and Tomasi said Mahnke loves drawing Batman and he tries to come up with some crazy stuff for him to draw. You can catch Tomasi and Mahnke currently lighting it up with the Mr. Freeze arc in Detective.

With so much talk about a potential massive change up in DC Comics, a conversation with Ron Marz was exactly what I needed to hear. When I asked about his favorite runs with characters like Kyle Rayner and some of his work more or less being erased, Marz said all of his stories are imaginary.

baltimore comic con 2019 - ron marz

He loves reading the old stuff and the current runs on books and his work is still there for people to ready and enjoy even if it’s no longer in continuity. That was valuable insight and definitely necessary as the rumor mill churns on DC upending its universe yet again.


I talked to several comic book retailers and they’re also uneasy about the rumored DC 5G plans and they shared their concerns about the affect of another massive DC reboot and its impact on readers.

Jay Saunders showcased his unique shoot, slice and smashing artwork.

baltimore comic con 2019 - jay saunders

Saunders takes custom made glass done with acrylic paint carved with a razor blade that’s then treated by 9mm bullet holes, a 12 gauge slug or smashed with a hammer. For liability’s sake, Saunders left the gun at home and showed how he completed his art with a hammer.

I spoke with GI Joe colorist Steve Lydic about his techniques while he completed a commission piece on Gung-Ho. Lydic was excited about seeing longtime Joe penciller SL Gallant at a table and was planning to purchase some artwork from him as well.

baltimore comic con 2019 - steve lydic

As always, I hung out with my man Steve Anderson from Third Eye Comics for our usual selfie that has become a tradition at all the cons now.

baltimore comic con 2019 - me and steve

Third Eye Comics has a big signing Nov. 16 with Scott Snyder (Justice League, Dark Nights Metal) and Charles Soule (Daredevil) to launch their new Image Comics series, UNDISCOVERED COUNTRY #1. Check out more info on that here.

In a random encounter, I spotted former TNA Impact Wrestling stars Killer Kross and Scarlett Bordeaux as they were wrapping up after a day of signing at the MLW booth. They were very cool and it’s always fun seeing wrestling stars at a convention.

I grabbed some cards from some other interesting exhibitors so be on the lookout for those features as well.

I’ve got a bunch to edit, but I didn’t want to leave you without any so here’s the first batch of cosplay photos from the event.