Lyles Movie Files Podcast Ep. 109 – Directors’ war against Marvel, 50 Worst Rappers List

In the second half of our big episode, we tackle some very controversial topics including Francis Ford Coppola and Martin Scorsese doubling down on their complaints on Marvel films and the worst rappers of all time list.

The old school directors aren’t too happy with Marvel raking in all the box office dough and we debate if they are just jealous of the Marvel juggernaut or if they have a legit point.


We have some major disagreements on the worst rappers of all time list as Jayce tries to defend one very unpopular choice and we consider some surprising omissions and inclusions. How could Ludacris find his way on this list and does Shaq really deserve a spot?

Our Dummies of the Week also get heated as well over Michael Jordan’s comments about Steph Curry.

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