Kick-Ass Vol.2 #18 review – the final cut

Kick-Ass 18 marks a fiery and stunning conclusion of Steve Niles and Marcelo Frusin’s latest arc.

It’s been a wild ride with Russian gang lords, a sword wielding assassin and a blackmailing brother-in-law and Patience’s patience has run out for all of them.

I always enjoy how Niles juggles all of Patience’s various responsibilities. It makes her feel less like an obsessed vigilante and one who carves out a portion of her life to make her city a little safer.


Niles knows how to pay off an arc and this was definitely a satisfying conclusion to everything that played out through this storyline. Some of those resolutions will have major repercussions in subsequent arcs.

Kick-Ass #18 variant cover

Frusin’s art is so stylized and appropriate for this book that even when the layout is the clearest, it plays out like an adrenaline rush. Sunny Gho’s color work remains a big component of this title’s impressive visual scope.

The final page offers a very tantalizing tease for the next arc featuring the confrontation readers have been waiting on for over a year.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Photo Credit: Image Comics