DC Comics reviews 10/30/19 – DCeased #6, Nightwing Annual #2

DCeased #6

DCeased 6

DCeased comes to its inevitable conclusion  wrapping up one of DC’s strongest mini-series in years.

Superman has turned and it’s going to take all of the few remaining heroes left to deal with him…and Aquaman’s effort to stop one of the rescue ships. Who dies and who lives will be a surprise as writer Tom Taylor thrives on going against expectations.

There was one character death that was uncharacteristically stupid for the series. Taylor had down such a great job making each death meaningful so that was surprising. Also there wasn’t any follow-up from the one-off featuring John Constantine. That would seem weird unless Taylor already has DCeased II on the way.

Trevor Hairsine’s art was outstanding again. He was such an ideal fit for the book and I really hope DC has him lined up for a regular title next. He gets an assist this issue from Neil Edwards who more than capably handles eight pages.

There is enough story for a second chapter and maybe even if it’s just not the zombiefication of the DC characters again it’d be fun seeing how Taylor could revisit this fascinating Elseworlds again.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10