DC Comics reviews 10/30/19 – DCeased #6, Nightwing Annual #2

Nightwing Annual #2

nightwing annual 2
Annuals can kind of feel like a waste of time way too often, but Nightwing Annual #2 proved to be required reading for Nightwing fans.

Regular writer Dan Jurgens collaborates with Travis Moore for this important story that fills in major gaps following Nightwing being shot by KGBeast and his split with the Batman family.

This was an overdue issue as Jurgens shows how Batman and his allies responded in the immediate fallout to Dick being shot. It was a major change of status quo for not just Dick, but the rest of the family and Jurgens provides that missing emotional context from Batman and Robin in particular.

Beyond that, Jurgens also reveals a twist that connects to the storyline going on in the main title. It’s clever and gives much better context to what’s happening now.

Moore does just enough art for Nightwing to show why he should be the regular or at least in rotation artist for the title. He continues to draw the best take on Richard Grayson’s world and it’s hardly close.

Jurgens and Moore delivers one of the best Nightwing issues in months with this intriguing glimpse in the past while giving more depth to the current storyline.

Rating: 10 out of 10