The Flash: There Will Be Blood review S6 E4

Ok Flash and showrunner Eric Wallace, lets make a deal. You keep delivering one of the series’ strongest seasons so far and I’ll keep telling everyone how the show has remarkably improved. Just ease up on the 44-minute efforts seemingly destined to choke me up like the incredible There Will Be Blood.

I’m not sure if The Flash has ever had an episode where so many of the cast brought their “oh yeah you’re gonna get caught up in all these feels” A-game like this one. If comic book shows could break through the stigma of haters disqualifying them because of the genre, this would be the showcase for some best actor and best supporting actor nominations.

It’s wild to see how much Season 6 has evolved from the previous two seasons. Too often those felt like slapstick with some sprinkling of drama and cool fight scenes. So far this season hasn’t packed a slew of action, but it’s more than making up for it with some much improved character focus. Not coincidentally, the cast has responded with their best work on the series.

There Will Be Blood advanced the Ramsey subplot, but more importantly kept the focus on Team Flash struggling to accept Barry’s pending death.

Crisis on Infinite Earths has definitely given this season a strong focal point. Each episode has focused on Barry spending quality time with another member of Team Flash before his death to prep them for a world without a Flash.

Cisco got the bulk of time as Barry revealed he’s his pick to lead the team. Iris haters will rejoice she’s not getting the nod, but it’s another acknowledgement that Iris is more than Team Flash and has her own career she’s pursuing. Cisco, Caitlin and Ralph are STAR Labs/hero lifers.

Iris tried to help Ralph with some news on the Sue Dearborn case, but he’s not interested since trying to help her seems pointless with Barry dying. Joe had a great moment with Ralph here and it continued foreshadowing that Joe was having a hard time with the news too.

the Flash there will be Blood review - barry and ralph

Nash Wells showed up proposing a partnership where he’d get them a substance that could potentially heal Ramsey if they helped him design some tech. Tom Cavanagh impressively keeps making each Wells distinct and this one is a lot of fun in that 80s action hero manner.

Cisco really broke some trust in stealing the substance and lying about it. I appreciated that Barry didn’t take weeks to figure it out leading to one of the better Barry/Cisco exchanges. Gustin’s line delivery on “you get to live” was powerful. Another great part of this scene was how both characters’ perspectives were understandable. Barry wants to make sure the team can recover from his death while Cisco is willing to do anything — including lying and stealing — to save his best friend.

the Flash there will be Blood review - Frost and Cisco

We got some more background on Ramsey thanks to flashbacks with his mother. Sendhil Ramamurthy is already proving to be one of the more complex villains in the series and it’s odd how a character that’s not even a B-list Flash villain can come off as formidable, relatable and somewhat sympathetic with quality writing.

The serum didn’t work for Ramsey, but it helped him realize fear is the trigger that could cure his HLH cancer cells. And what better place to strike fear than the hospital?

Again this is a big step for the season as Flash doesn’t typically learn the identity and fight the big bad by episode 4.

Killer Frost is being used well as The Flash’s superhero partner/sidekick and was a big help in his initial fight with Ramsey. Caitlin had (ahem) cooled off as a character, but Killer Frost has opened up some fresh possibilities with an edgier personality.

I liked Team Flash’s disappointment over Ramsey’s turn to the dark side. He was going to be Barry’s big win before Crisis and now he’s just another villain to get taken down.

This led to a you’re dead on the inside of this didn’t move you conversation with Barry and Joe. Season 5 desperately missed Jesse L. Martin, who in this episode reminded me why he’s always been the show’s secret MVP. This was a really amazing scene with Gustin and Martin really selling the idea that Barry really is going to die.

the Flash there will be Blood review - barry and Joe

The stinger scene showed Nash using the device he got from Cisco to track The Monitor’s movements. I’m pretty sure he’s going to regret that call.

There Will Be Blood was another great episode in a season that already feels a lot like Arrow’s comeback Season 5.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Photo Credit: The CW

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