Space Bandits #5 – an epic conclusion to one of Millarworld’s best

Space Bandits has been one of my favorite titles in the Millarworld and the conclusion to this initial arc might be the most satisfying of the bunch.

Cody and Thena have mapped out their biggest score yet, but they don’t realize that the guys who screwed them over the last time are working together and planning to steal yet another massive fortune from them. Or do they? There’s nothing like a woman scorned except for two women scorned. I don’t want to ruin the payoff, but it delivers.

Mark Millar has written a very satisfying revenge story here. It’s a simple, easy to follow story, but he added so many quirky elements to make it stand out. Cody and Thena are fun and fresh duo that clearly have a ton of entertaining stories ahead of them whether in Millar’s hands or one of his writing collaborators.

Whoever writes the next chapter it’s vitally important that Matteo Scalera remain as the artist with colorist Marcelo Maiolo. Space Bandits has one of the most unique looks in comics and that 80s-pop-infused feel isn’t something that just any creative team can pull off so well. Scalera gives his characters so much personality and attitude that the visuals are the signature aspect of the series.


The best surprise is the final page, which has a completely unexpected reveal that makes perfect sense in the Millarworld. It seriously was a terrific surprise and reveals an aspect of the Millarworld that previously hadn’t been explored before. This definitely has me eagerly anticipating the next season of books.

Space Bandits was a phenomenally fun read and a book I’m looking forward to revisiting in trade format.

Rating: 10 out of 10

Photo Credit:s Image Comics