Undiscovered Country #1 – the start of an exciting new world

Honestly if a new book written by Charles Soule and Scott Snyder didn’t leave me excited and anxious for the next issue I would have been surprised. That’s definitely not the case with Undiscovered Country, a new book by two of comics’ most acclaimed writers that delivers beyond what you’re expecting.

The writers weave a little misdirection as it seems like the focus is going to be on finding a cure for the Sky Virus, a disease that’s slowly killing off Earth’s population…or most of it.

In an interesting and timely nod to the current political climate, America built walls and shut itself off from the rest of the world for 30 years. Now America is offering aid to help the rest of the planet.

In the fallout of America’s absence, two leadership groups have emerged with the Alliance Euro-Afrique and The Pan-Asian Prosperity Zone.

A diverse group of skills, backgrounds and race fly out to America only to learn not everyone is too eager to welcome them. This leads to a wild Mad Max meets Doomsday style chase that seems ripe for a cinematic adaptation. Despite the intentionally chaotic opening, their personalities are strongly established early on.


The artwork by Giuseppe Camuncoli and Danielle Orlandini fit the wide expansive anything can happen premise of the book. I’m not very familiar with Camuncoli and Orlandini’s work but I love the vastness they provides on the pages giving this world a wider sense of scope where the characters are just a tiny part of it. Their art reminded me a lot of a Planet of the Apes and Lost in Space style setting in that regard.

Colorist Matt Wilson uses a mesmerizing color palette for this new world. It truly looks stunning.

Soule and Snyder pack a ton in this issue and that’s before the surprise reveal on the last page.

Readers won’t have to wait for the deluxe hardcover edition for some cool bonuses as we get a look at the behind the scenes process of the logo creation. Snyder provides a long form origins chapter explaining some of the thought process and creation of the book. It’s a welcome personal touch.

You’ll absolutely want to make sure you don’t this excited new comic unexplored.

Rating: 10 out of 10

Photo Credit: Image Comics