Titans gets renewed for a third season on DC Universe

With Disney+ set to unleash a swarm of Marvel Cinematic Universe shows over the next few months/years, DC Universe didn’t waste time renewing one of its strongest series. Titans will be back for a third season.

The series, based on the New Teen Titans, is nearing the end of its second season. Fans won’t have to wait months worrying if DCU will bring it back though. That’s a good move since the writers have been setting up a number of subplots that couldn’t or shouldn’t be rushed to get wrapped up in three more episodes. I’ve really enjoyed this season and there seems like a ton of stuff and characters that can be introduced for a third season. We haven’t even gotten the Frightful Five yet.

Variety reports the third season will begin Fall 2020.


With Titans wrapping up this season, the animated Harley Quinn series will kick off Nov. 29. Presumably the Stargirl series will debut after Harley Quinn. Doom Patrol’s second season will be broadcast on both HBO Max and DC Universe.

Photo Credit: DC Universe