Check out the concept art for The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, Hawkeye and What If from Disney+

I’ve got some comics to finish reviewing for the week, but afterwards I fully plan on belatedly getting my Disney+ subscription.

The new streaming app has a Marvel-focused special called Expanding the Universe, a 12-minute documentary previewing the upcoming slate of Marvel series on their way. On the way is relative since most of them are slated for mid- to late-2020.

Easily the highlight is the reveal of some new concept art for series The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, Hawkeye and What If? Typically, the concept art is pretty much the finalized look for the characters. I already can’t wait for a Falcon from the series as this has more white in the costume like his classic looks.

We also got an official look at Daniel Bruhl as Zemo, who’s now wearing his mask from the comic. Zemo is one of the best MCU villains and maybe this series will put him in position to reclaim the top spot.

falcon and the winter soldier -baron zemo
Hawkeye definitely looks to be taking its inspiration from the Matt Fraction series right down to Hawkeye’s faithful dog.


What If also features some new looks for the series including Marvel Zombies and T’Challa as Star-Lord instead of Black Panther.

Photo Credit: Disney+