Hit-Girl #10 review

In the second chapter of Hit-Girl’s Indian adventure, Mindy teams goes on a stakeout while considering taking on a sidekick.
India makes for a richer backdrop for Mindy than some of her other trips.

That’s largely due to writer Peter Milligan taking time to establish the culture and offer a sense of the strife and tension that existed long before Hit-Girl’s arrival. Maybe the most interesting aspect of this issue is Milligan raising the subtle question of even if Mindy takes down The Beggarman will she truly have accomplished anything to make a long-term difference?

The weak spot this issue is artist Alison Sampson. Her layouts aren’t the easiest to following requiring a large amount of fill in the blanks for what happened between the panels during action sequences. There’s a stiffness to character movement as well that makes them come off more rigid and posed than the ideal snapshot in the moment look.

Colorist Triona Farrell sets up a calm and serene land that’s jarringly interrupted by gunfire and bloodshed.

So far this Indian adventure is unlike anything creators have done so far in Hit-Girl making for a very unique and worthwhile experience.

Rating: 8 out of 10

Photo Credit: Image Comics