DC Comics reviews 11/13/19 – Superman #17, Far Sector #1, Event Leviathan #6

Far Sector #1

far sector #1

With Hal Jordan a Blackstar, Jessica Cruz an Omega Lantern and the rest of the Corps seemingly inactive, Far Sector provides a dose of much needed Green Lantern action with an instantly compelling character.

I was intrigued after the initial announcement of Far Sector, the first to feature a black woman as a Green Lantern written by sci-fi writer N.K. Jemisin.

There’s no delicate way to phrase it so I’ll just state it plainly — Mullein sounds authentically like a black woman and it adds so much flavor and a unique perspective to the Green Lantern mythos. Mullein has personality and a fresh perspective on the Corps and being out on space that’s been absent since Cruz settled into just being a Lantern having moved past her anxiety issues.

Muellin is investigating a murder in her sector, a rarity as the enlightened space she patrols hasn’t had a murder in years since abolishing emotion.

The coolest aspect about Mullein is her personality isn’t a gimmick and it should keep Far Sector from reading like anything else from DC these days.  She compares life as a Lantern to living in New York and uses TV crime procedurals as a guide to handling investigations.

The smartest thing about Far Sector is Mullein is far removed from the rest of DC continuity, but in a Green Lantern book that’s hardly an issue. Readers tired of the various crossovers can pick this book up without having to know what’s going on with Jordan, the Justice/Doom War and wondering why Batman hasn’t beaten Bane yet can come in fresh without knowing the various plot threads going around the DCU.

My one minor gripe is the clunky and lengthy character names like Marth of the Sea, By the Wavering Dark, Until the Sun Falls. Throwing out so many new characters can be overwhelming in general, but names like that don’t make them easily accessible.

Like he did with Naomi, artist Jamal Campbell immediately sets up a mesmerizing and breathtaking new corner of the DCU. The dialogue and fresh characters are a great start, but Campbell is operating on a career best level right now and his sense of world building and character design is amazing.

I was hoping to like Far Sector. Instead I loved it. This is the kind of title I’d like to see more of from DC in 2020 as it reflects its creative team in a way that really should be appealing to an underserved audience in comics.

Rating: 9.7 out of 10