WWE Elite 71 Drew McIntyre figure review

Drew McIntyre was proclaimed The Chosen One by none other than Vince McMahon. Due to questionable booking , McIntyre fizzled out and he eventually left and found his way as a real force in TNA as Drew Galloway. After a brief stint in NXT, McIntyre returned to the main roster where he was positioned as a main event player. I missed out on the original NXT version of McIntyre so I was thrilled when Mattel revealed a new one for Elite 71. Let’s see if this figure is the chosen one.

Packaging:  So yeah, the white with red accents is a solid color scheme. The side portrait is good although it shows more detail in the outfit than the figure has so maybe it’s not the best idea? The bio is very specific to the one moment included with the figure, which is fine, but I’d like a more generic write-up.

Likeness:  McIntyre has a very good likeness and clearly benefits from the True FX face printing tech. This sculpt is really good as it captures McIntyre’s smoldering intensity fitting for ‘The Scottish Psychopath.’ Mattel matched his parts well as he’s got size without looking like he’s rail thin. I might see if this would make for a better fit for a Sycho Sid than Mattel’s previous release.

wwe elite 71 drew mcintyre figure review - scale with samoa joe, robert roode, shinsuke nakamura

Scale:  McIntyre is one of the taller members of the roster at 6’5” so he looks down on guys like the 6’3” Roman Reigns, 6’1” Seth Rollins and 6’ Dolph Ziggler. He definitely has the right size and I like his overall scale capturing the big brawler McIntyre is at this point in his career.

wwe elite 71 drew mcintyre figure review - facing samoa joe, robert roode and shinsuke nakamura

Paint:  McIntyre has the chest hair painted on and his tight details are on point as well. I rarely have issues with Mattel paint jobs so that wasn’t surprising.


Articulation:  As a brawler, McIntyre’s arsenal isn’t that tricky to replicate with the Elite articulation model. He’s easy enough to pull off his moves including the big boot to the face and the Claymore Kick.

wwe elite 71 drew mcintyre figure review - big boot to robert roode

wwe elite 71 drew mcintyre figure review - clotheslining robert roode over top rope

Drew McIntyre has:

  • neck
  • bicep
  • ball-jointed shoulders
  • elbows
  • wrists
  • waist
  • hips
  • thighs
  • knees (double-jointed)
  • ankles

wwe elite 71 drew mcintyre figure review -punching robert roode

wwe elite 71 drew mcintyre figure review - claymore kick to samoa joe

Accessories:  Mattel really covered all the bases with him. McIntyre comes with his entrance robe, which is made out of plastic although that’s not a big deal thanks to the lack of sleeves. It’s got a good amount of details including texture and silver buckles and zippers, but the gold paint for the laces is not included.

wwe elite 71 drew mcintyre figure review - accessories in tray

Additionally, McIntyre comes with grasping hands. I’m a big fan of these swappable hands as they add a lot to playability. He also has an alternate head sculpt with the hair coming over his face. It’s definitely best suited for a mid-match look and again a nice option. If it was the main head sculpt this wouldn’t have been a good choice, but I appreciate getting extras.

Finally, McIntyre comes with a RAW tag team title. I love the silver plating. It’s a little goofy that the Elite 70 Dolph Ziggler doesn’t have the matching title since we only have one.

Worth it?  For $20 this was a pretty solid deal. McIntyre is a big time player and his NXT figure went for big bucks. This is a better figure on all fronts and comes with everything you need for a definitive modern McIntyre figure.

wwe elite 71 drew mcintyre figure review - chopping samoa joe in the corner

Rating: 10 out of 10

I’ve got no complaints with this guy. Mattel did an outstanding job and outside of a probably unlikely Ultimate Edition McIntyre, this is the definitive version to get.

wwe elite 71 drew mcintyre figure review - main pic

Where to get it?  I found McIntyre at Target, but you can also get him from Amazon.

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