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Harbinger gathers the heroes in Crisis on Infinite Earths teaser trailers

Crisis is coming! And Harbinger is starting to gather heroes to prevent the end of the Multiverse. As I’m re-reading Crisis on Infinite Earths it’s kinda fun seeing what aspects of the comic is carrying over to the Arrowverse event.

The Black Lightning teaser hinted at what I hoped would be the case with him mentioning his world dying. This should pave the way for Black Lightning and Supergirl to all be on the same Earth as the rest of the heroes. That’ll make future team-ups and crossovers much easier.

It would be absolutely crazy, but I’d be interesting in seeing if The CW would do something totally unexpected like killing Supergirl during Crisis.

crisis on infinite earths - supergirl, Superman and batwoman

Maybe they bring her back in time for the final arc of the season, but this could be the show’s best time to “borrow” the World Without a Superman/Reign of the Supermen storyline? It was hard to miss the iconic Death of Superman imagery of the cape hanging on a pole among wreckage. Though in this case it’s probably more for the Tom Welling Superman or Brandon Routh Kingdom Come version.

Crisis kicks off Dec. 8 with Supergirl.

Photo Credit: The CW