The Mandalorian – Chapter 2: The Child review S1 E2

I’m so glad that we haven’t reached Christmas yet as I’m telling everyone exactly what I want this year thanks to The Child. If you were looking for some major developments as the season progresses this wasn’t the episode for you. If you’re just willing to go on this wild ride with no agenda or connections to the Skywalker Saga and patiently let this tale of a bounty hunter play out, you might have enjoyed one of my favorite and laughter-filled episodes of TV this season.

That was the weirdest aspect of this episode. I wouldn’t have imagined a Star Wars series about a kick-tail bounty hunter could actually be funny and intentionally so for all the right reasons. Maybe something is terribly wrong with me, but I haven’t laughed so hard as I was during the exploding Jawas scene in a long time.

I’ve gotta get like one of my new favorite characters Kuiil and call The Mandalorian something beyond his class affiliation/guild. Mando works for me. Mando and the yoda species baby made the long trek back to the ship with Mando oblivious to The Child’s diligent efforts to heal him. Seriously, want a Yoda Baby now!!!! The kid is all over with the cuteness.

the mandalorian the child review - baby yoda species

It’s hilarious after months of trying to force BB-8 and the Porgs from Last Jedi on us, I want a Baby Yoda right away…preferably with a hover pod crib. If the Disney Shop doesn’t have them at the ready come Black Friday some heads should roll. Or at least some mild Force choking.


Mando can’t catch a break and finds Jawas completing a near thorough scavenging effort on his ship. Had he taken another five minutes, I’m pretty sure his ride would have been on blocks. Was anyone prepared for exploding Jawas? Or the epic Mando vs. The Jawas battle that ensued? Not gonna lie, it’s probably my favorite Star Wars fight scene of the Sequel Trilogy era after Vader’s invasion of the Rebel ship on Rogue One.

It was hilarious and I legit had tears in my eyes watching the Jawas throw random crap at Mando. There was a certain sense of ridiculousness with the Jawas giving this bounty hunter such trouble. The payoff to the fight was tremendous as well. Writer Jon Favreau gets Star Wars and he’s checking off a slew of pure fun Star Wars moments that are fan service without feeling like pandering gestures.

the mandalorian the child review - muddy mandalorian

Kuill negotiating a trade between Mando and the Jawas was incredible especially the Wookie jabs and flame thrower sequence. If there was a defining moment on a series that will keep me watching even through rough patches is the promise of more moments like that one.

Mando eventually settles accounts with the Jawas by procuring an egg from a horned beast that looked somewhat similar to the one that helped get Jango Fett killed in Attack of the Clones. He did get a little help as The Child tapped into the Force to suspend the beast in air long enough for Mando to kill it.

With a Force sensitive charge that apparently has a lot of interested bounty hunters trying to cash in, Mando is gonna have his hands full. I’m hoping we see Kuill again. He would have made for a great first mate/sidekick and like IG-11 played off him well. Hopefully the coming episodes will find a partner with some staying power.

Rick Famuyiwa directed this episode and he’ll be back for episode six. That’s a good thing as he really gave this more action-oriented outing a big time big screen feel while nailing the cutesy moments with The Child.

the mandalorian the child review - kuill and mandalorian

I’m loving this show and Disney+ might be the short-term best case future for Star Wars.  It allows for smaller scale stories with creative teams that love the source material and can branch off from the established trilogies. This show alone has been worth the investment in the streaming service.

Rating: 9 out of 10

Photo Credit: Disney+