Arrow: Prochnost review S8 E5

I really loved the first episode of this season as it felt like Oliver was going on a farewell tour through the Multiverse. Since then it’s felt like too much of the focus of Arrow’s final season has been on setting up this potential spin-off.

The CW/Arrowverse has already invested so much time in the spin-off that it’s all but a certainty. My big problem is it feels like such a bad way to say goodbye to Oliver Queen.

Can you imagine if Avengers: Endgame featured a teenage Morgan running around with Tony throughout his time traveling missions? Of course not as that would be silly and completely ruining Tony’s moment.

Arrow - prochnost review - William, Mia and Oliver

Arrow is basically asking us to ignore the known fact that Oliver will be “Dead” at the end of Crisis but not to be too bummed because we’ve already got his replacement lined up. Maybe this wouldn’t feel so obnoxious if Mia weren’t such an unlikable character? At least Morgan was just a cute little girl.

Oliver, Laurel, Mia and William travel to Russia to hang out with Anatoly and battle the Bratva.

Laurel doesn’t come off like the same character as she was last season. It’s more than her Earth dying. She’s just all attitude now and it’s not making her that interesting a character to follow into the spin-off.

Arrow - prochnost review - Anatoly and Laurel

Naturally Mia ignores Oliver and ends up getting them both caught. Then it’s time to recover the drive. Mia won’t listen like just about every other child/sidekick character in the Arrowverse.

I feel like I should care about these family scenes more. Stephen Amell is definitely doing his part, but the setup is bad. I’m always going to be on Oliver’s side as opposed to characters that just strolled in last season.


It culminated in Oliver and Mia in a fight club brawl. Mia’s fight scenes always seem a little questionable as she seems too frail to handle these massive dudes she’s fighting.

Diggle tracks down Roy. I’d missed Arsenal. He’s gonna stick around to join the fight against The Monitor. I could easily see Roy getting legit killed off during Crisis to shake up our expectations for the future.

Arrow - prochnost review - Diggle and Roy


Laurel isn’t going to side with Harbinger and The Monitor. And she tipped off Diggle and Oliver. Lyla isn’t too rattled as someone shoots them with tranquilizer darts. It’s wild how Arrow’s stinger segments tend to be better than the episode itself.

Next week’s teaser looks like more of what I was hoping from this season with more Monitor head games and the return of another longtime cast member.

Rating: 7 out of 10

Photo Credit: The CW