WWE Elite Hurricane, Mandy Rose figures revealed at Wrestling Shop Live in London

Over the past weekend, Mattel revealed some new figures at Wrestling Shop Live in London. The mix featured a little something for all collectors including one long demanded Ruthless Aggression era Flashback legend.

Basic Series 105

I’m noticing Mattel seems to have more trouble with matching skin tones. The Lars Sullivan figure clearly has a torso that doesn’t match up with the rest of the figure.


Elite Two-Pack: Rey Mysterio vs. Samoa Joe

wwe elite two-pack - samoa joe and rey mysterio jr

I really like the look of Rey’s Mysterio-influenced attire here and I’ve needed an updated Samoa Joe so this set is a win-win for me.

Elite 74

Andrade is a must-get for me, but Mandy Rose is an easy pass even if I overlooked the weird skin tone match on her hips and legs.

Elite 75

Pete Dunne and Hurricane will both be joining my collection. These two came out very nice.

Photo Credit: Mattel