DC Comics reviews 11-27-19 Action Comics #1017, Justice League Dark #11

The Flash #83

the flash #83

Rogues’ Reign roars on as The Flash breaks out of King Cold’s clutches and learns the full extent of his arch-enemy’s control of Central City.

Barry gets an assist from an unlikely source from a Rogue who wants to take Cold down. But without his powers, how can The Flash stand up against a powered-up Captain Cold? The only question is what happened to Commander Cold after last issue’s crazy cliffhanger?

Writer Joshua Williamson does a solid job of building out this new Rogue-dominated Central City. Cold’s evolution makes sense and plays out in a way consistent with the character. And Barry’s desperation gives the storyline a greater weight beyond an arc that’s only two issues in.

Artist Rafa Sandoval is up to the challenge of creating this iced-over Central City and Cold’s security designs and creatures. He’s got such a clean style that his pages flow together so smoothly. Arif Prianto’s colors play out nicely especially considering the mix of blues for the snow covered backdrop.

I’m digging this storyline as Williamson continues to take chances with the title. The cliffhanger takes the story to the next level with an interesting twist that should have major repercussions for the book going forward.

Rating: 9 out of 10