Marvel Legends BAF Sasquatch figure review

In fairness I could have completed the Build-A-Figure Caliban first, but I felt bad about having Sasquatch unfinished so long that I pushed him ahead right near the finish line.

One of the mainstay Alpha Flight members, Sasquatch basically kicked off the team assuming you were one of the lucky 46 people who were able to complete the Build A Figure Puck — I was not.

Sasquatch is one of those characters who would have made for a better Hasbro Pulse exclusive where Hasbro could really go nuts with his size and scale instead of fitting him into the BAF format. Of the available options at the time it made sense, but it definitely left me with that what if mindset had Hasbro tackled Sasquatch later.

marvel legends build-a-figure sasquatch figure review - walking

Packaging:   No packaging for a BAF. I still wish the BAF character got some sort of bio/write-up.

Likeness:  The Toy Biz Sasquatch was incredibly well done for its time. It had an all original sculpt and had a massive height advantage over the normal figures in that line. It had some issues however as it was too lanky and featured some restrictive articulation.

marvel legends build-a-figure sasquatch figure review - with toy biz sasquatch

Both figures sport impressive sculpting with the hair throughout. As you’d expect Hasbro’s work in 2018/2019 is more refined than the “simple” etching of Toy Biz’s figure. Here, the hair sculpt is random and less uniform.

Hasbro mostly improves on the original with their version. Sasquatch is thicker all around and doesn’t have the wild hair around the head. The original still wins with the height, but otherwise I like the execution of this figure slightly more. It’s a close one, which is a testament to Toy Biz’s work considering how long this figure was released.


I like the expression of the Hasbro Sasquatch, which is more in keeping with the character. John Byrne tended to draw Sasquatch like a mountain and that’s captured pretty well with the shoulders and limited visible neck area.

marvel legends build-a-figure sasquatch figure review - wide

Paint:  The paintjob is outstanding with lots of gradients of orange and shading throughout. Toy Biz used more of a deep wash technique, which gives him a dirty appearance. The orange Hasbro used pops and looks closer to the comic book.

Scale:  This is the one category where Sasquatch takes a hit. In the comics, he’s always been portrayed as tall and massive. Hasbro hasn’t done mammoth-sized BAFs, but Sasquatch is typically portrayed taller and wider than the Hulk.

Clearly that’s not the case here. Granted, you’re probably not gonna have Sasquatch displayed next to Hulk on your shelves, but that’s definitely an area where the scale disappoints.

marvel legends build-a-figure sasquatch figure review -with guardian

Articulation:  For a big guy Sasquatch has solid articulation. Despite the longer mane, it’s not a challenge to turn his head left and right. In all other ways of importance, Sasquatch moves like a regular Marvel Legend with all the expected articulation. I appreciate the grasping hand for reaching poses.  What he lacks in size, Sasquatch somewhat makes up for it on the articulation front.

marvel legends build-a-figure sasquatch figure review - arms up

Sasquatch has:

  • neck
  • ball-jointed shoulders
  • bicep
  • elbow (double jointed)
  • wrist
  • wrist hinge
  • torso
  • waist
  • hips
  • thighs
  • knees (double jointed)
  • ankles

marvel legends build-a-figure sasquatch figure review -with guardian vs colossus and wolverine

Accessories:  Some BAFs get accessories, but outside of swappable hands, there’s not a lot of other options. Although swappable hands would have been nice. I definitely think if Hasbro tackled Sasquatch in 2019/2020, they would have done a few things differently to make him even more impressive.

marvel legends build-a-figure sasquatch figure review - teaming with guardian vs x-men

Worth it?  To get Sasquatch you’d need to get the entire wave minus Deadpool. That will run you $165 now, but that’s not a bad deal since that wave was pretty impressive with the classic Cable, Deathlok and strong Deadpool and X-23 variants.

Rating: 9 out of 10

With a little more height this figure would really be a fantastic representation of Alpha Flight’s heavy hitter. Still, Hasbro did an excellent job and it’ll be nice having the rest of the team joining him soon.

marvel legends build-a-figure sasquatch figure review - close up

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