The Flash: The Last Temptation of Barry Allen Part 2 review S6 E8

However Crisis turns out, it can’t be stated enough how expertly the writing team has built up to the biggest crossover in the Arrowverse. Before we get there, Flash and company have to shut down Bloodwork.

Shout out to the credits team for the gooey Flash logo. That was a nice touch.

Spray your UV-Ray

Cisco has whipped up a prototype gun to knock out Ramsey’s bloodwork infection. Iris would prefer not to do something that could potentially kill Barry. He’s got a date death with Crisis after all Cisco and Iris has already written her story.

Iris wins Wife of the Year for coming to the clearly infected Barry, but loses half her strategist points for walking into a clear trap. Ramsey taunts her, but perhaps due to Iris’ lack of fear, he won’t convert her.

the flash the last temptation of barry allen part 2 review - barry and iris

Ditto for Cisco when his first crack with the magic UV-Ray gun fails. But after comparing notes, both realize Barry still has a little free will left and is trying to give them a message. Ramsey’s is far less subtle as he wants to use the particle accelerator to unleash his bloodwork on the world. At what point does Team Flash consider that literally no good has come out of the particle accelerator and scrap it? I’m sure they can whip up a massive track for Barry anywhere.

What’s your fear factor?

Cecile and Kamilla play hide and seek from some of Ramsey’s blood zombies. Cecile is both a major liability and a cheat code since the immense fear running through Central City is in essence paralyzing her while also allowing her to spot their location. I figured the grunting and panting would be just as effective, but OK. Plus, Cecile and Kamilla haven’t had enough bonding and shared trauma is the fastest way for people to get close in this series.


Blast Off

Barry’s Dark Flash message includes a spoiler on how they can beat Bloodwork. Let the light in courtesy of the UV-meta Alegra. We’ve gotta get her a better name. She’s able to hypercharge her powers, which cancels out Ramsey’s infection.

That doesn’t cheat us out of a showdown with Ramsey and Barry. Final Form Bloodwork looked pretty good and was pretty consistent with the character’s look in the comics. So often The Flash fight scenes play out in lightning bolt blurs so it was nice to get a better glimpse of The Flash’s tactics. Barry does play dirty by conjuring up a vision of Ramsey’s mother to distract him long enough to get him contained.

the flash the last temptation of barry allen part 2 review - bloodwork vs flash

Assuming he doesn’t get dragged back in the second half of this season, Ramsey was easily one of my favorite Rogues in the series. He had a tremendous sense of conviction and was in that villain sweet spot of thinking he was the hero. Ramsey had such a great run that it’d be hard to top these last few episodes. Best to let him breathe and work in a new big bad…assuming Barry will be around to face them. And Sendilhil Ramamurthy proved to be such a great casting choice for Bloodwork. He provided some of the best non-emotional Crisis moments of the season.

A mid-wait Crisis

Frost decides to hand control back over to Caitlin so she can mope and hang with the rest of Team Flash. The gang’s all here besides Ralph, which seems odd. After some somber reflections, the team starts having a more positive approach on Barry’s final battle. Iris gets a line that should play better with the super-fanboys than “We are Flash” with “The only thing more inevitable than Crisis is us.” I like it.

the flash the last temptation of barry allen part 2 review - team flash

Right at midnight the skies turn red. You have to appreciate a prompt Crisis. I’ve really been impressed with how the writing team built Crisis up. It’s been at the forefront or in the back of character’s minds since the start of the season, which should go a long way towards making it meaningful once it gets started on Sunday.

In the 36th Chambers

Nash has been operating in slow-motion trying to get into The Monitor’s chamber. It’s almost frustrating how ineffective he’s been as it’s felt like he’s been there for four weeks now. At least he’s got some company today. Whoops, they’re just more blood zombies. Nash holds them off long enough for Alegra’s UV ray to cure them.

Time to crack the chamber, take 4,235. This time he has a bit more success as he gets let in, but those screams aren’t exactly encouraging. It wasn’t the epic cliffhanger teaser we got with Elseworlds, but it’ll do.

the flash the last temptation of barry allen part 2 review - iris and the flash

As the last episode before Crisis kicks off, this was a strong conclusion to this first arc. The Flash and Supergirl have both enjoyed very strong first halves of this season, which would really prove meaningful if Crisis played out like the comic. I’m hyped up and ready for it. Let’s see what Oliver and company are up to in the final buildup episode leading to Crisis on Arrow.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Photo Credit: The CW