Arrow: Purgatory review S8 E7

It’s weird how Arrow started off so promising this season and then tumbled along to Crisis. Purgatory didn’t make the ride any smoother, but time has run out as far as ending the series on a high note. Now it’s on Crisis to give Oliver Queen the farewell he deserved.

Team Arrow is back on Lian Yu on orders from The Monitor to build the pulse weapon that will supposedly help them survive Crisis. Lian Yu was the site thanks to mysterious energies that were unearthed when Prometheus destroyed the island except for the areas where pivotal members of Team Arrow were standing.

One of the key elements is being flown in via chopper by Dinah, Rene and Roy. Seems like the bad guys got that info too as they shoot their chopper out of the sky with a missile. That’s gonna look terrible on Dinah’s insurance.

Diggle and Lyla have some major tension to work out and with no hotel rooms in sight they’re just gonna have to talk their way through it. Sorry Diggs. Lyla tells him The Monitor saved her when the rest of her unit was destroyed. Monitor tabbed her to be his ally in finding heroes strong enough to stop the Crisis. Diggle still isn’t trying to hear it.


Mia is on pout mood after learning Oliver is going to sacrifice himself during Crisis. Her attitude is so frustrating. Sure, she can be mad that Oliver was never in her life, but to spend the entire time with him giving him attitude has been a complete waste. William talked some sense in her, but I wish he’d done it three episodes ago.

Rene and Dinah were banged up, but Roy’s arm was crushed and Connor concludes they’ll have to amputate it. Of all of the epic stories in Roy Harper’s history, him losing his arm is one they want to adapt? Ugh. As a reminder, Cry for Justice is one of the absolute worst comic events in DC’s modern history. Roy really is going to thank Team Arrow for bringing him out of retirement, huh? At least Diggle had the decency to apologize and try to take some blame.

Oliver is busy dealing with the ghosts of Edward Fires and Billy Wintergreen pop up. Seriously, why? Of all the cool characters to revisit Fires and Wintergreen wouldn’t make the Top 50. They’re such a deep pull that they hardly feel like the great standoff Oliver warranted as his final Arrow fight. Was Brother Blood busy? At least Yao Fei also returned from the dead to help although they manage to get caught in an Ewok trap. It was weird that with all of the other Crisis craziness we never got an explanation as to why these guys returned. The Monitor has done some wild stuff that’s always had a purpose see Supergirl with Martian Manhunter, but this time it never was revealed.


Fires and Wintergreen are hardly major league villains so the big standoff lacked the oomph it needed to sell the moment. Lyla uses the device and goes into a portal as the “big throw down” ends without much fuss.

Knowing what’s next, Oliver starts making his goodbyes. He tells Rene and Dinah thanks for always having his back besides that one pesky civil war time when they were not on the same page and Rene came at him with an axe. OK, maybe he didn’t mention that last part…

Oliver’s farewell to Roy gets cut off by William, which really irritated me as these kids have been all over these episodes. Can’t Oliver and his first sidekick have a genuine moment? Oliver does have a much better farewell with Diggle that’s easily the highlight of the episode. He asks Diggle to make sure the kids back to 2040. He should have asked that three episodes ago. Also, Oliver wants Felicity to keep William and Mia together. I think William’s grandparents are going to have a say about that, but why should we start keeping up with continuity now?

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Mia finally apologizes for acting like a brat while Oliver ensures her she will make her own legend if the CW picks up the series. The red skies start up and Lyla emerges in costume insisting she be called Harbinger now. Begun, this Crisis has. Sorry, just watched Attack of the Clones.

The Nash stinger really doesn’t work here as it stepped on Harbinger’s message of doom and doesn’t have a real connection to what’s been going on in Arrow. Regardless, there’s no more buildup. Crisis starts Sunday. I’m ecstatic and will even put up with William and Mia…provided they meet a wall of ant-matter in the first 30 seconds.

Rating: 7 out of 10

Photo Credit: The CW