Supergirl: Crisis on Infinite Earth Part 1 review S5 E9

I’m really tempted to overreact to the opening and ending of this episode, but let’s break down the full scope of the first chapter of Crisis on Infinite Earths.

First, let’s start with the opening salvo of cameos. Alexander Freaking Knox from Batman! Tremendous. Then we mix in some shots of the DC Universe Titans reacting to the red skies and 1966 Dick Grayson shouting out a holy proclamation. Epic. Crisis is getting off to a great start.

I was really curious how this adaptation was going to cover 12-issues in five episodes. I’m not entirely sure if the approach taken on Supergirl was the best given the scope of this story.

Superman and Lois sending Jon away as Argo City was being destroyed was a nice homage to the Alexander Luthor and Lois farewell to their son in Issue 1. It couldn’t have the same impact naturally since Superman clearly can’t get killed yet.

Although this is Supergirl’s hour of the crossover I was surprised how much this episode focused on subplots from this season. That was a weird call since the other crossovers aren’t so bogged down in what’s been going on with the other shows. This episode definitely felt like Crisis through a Supergirl lens. As a card-carrying member of Team Lena, I didn’t mind her screen time, but continue to feel like Brainiac is a colossal waste of screen time. Bring back Winn!

Harbinger gathered a decent assemblage of heroes including Superman, The Flash, Atom and White Canary. Like the comic Crisis, it’s weird that Harbinger would go for non-powered heroes like Sara and Batgirl when other more powerful heroes like Constantine, Firestorm and Killer Frost exist.

supergirl crisis on infinite earths part 1 review - lois, superman, batwoman, harbinger, green arrow and mia

Brainiac joined Lois and Sara in retrieving Jon’s pod in 2046 where Sara got to tell the older Oliver he was a good man. This was a weird scene in the fact that it didn’t add much to the overall story and for an all heroes on deck moment it would have made more sense to bring this Earth’s Oliver along too.

Earth-1’s Oliver was bracing for his farewell by giving Mia a suit, which I have no idea how he had time to whip up or get made. “Hey, I know the Earth is getting destroyed and everything, but can you spare a few minutes from your calculations to make my daughter a suit? Thanks.” Mia’s moments never feel earned since the CW has basically spoiled we’re getting a Mia and friends spin-off.

Batwoman has come off much better in her series than she did here tonight and what was the deal with her revealing her identity to a bunch of strangers at the DEO? That was so random.

I did love the arrival of the Monitor’s towers straight from the comic. The general idea of the heroes protecting them was well done and I was very geeked to see the shadow demons actually appear as the villains. Considering he was used to tease the event last year, it was surprising Psycho Pirate didn’t show up tonight. He would have been helpful with the planetary evacuation.


It also would have been nice to see the shadow demons wipe out some random people just to convey their threat level, but they would eventually show their effectiveness…

Supergirl is just never going to feature J’onn as Martian Manhunter enough for my liking. He definitely should have been involved in the main battle instead of playing pilot. You know who would have been great at flying the rescue ships? The captain and leader of the Legends who regularly flies a spaceship.

supergirl crisis on infinite earths part 1 review - alex and lena

It gets very frustrating listening to characters trying to explain away convenient plot decisions with science babble. This is a universe where a woman figured out how to play a Betamax in 20 minutes. Anything is possible. I’m not even sure what exactly Alex helped Lena figure out, but I know Alex is highly trained at whatever is necessary for each specific event. Alex is literally a one-woman DEO as she’s more effective than all of them combined.

The Monitor arrives to tell the gang it’s time to leave and starts warping them out, but Oliver uses the special arrow Curtis whipped up — more impressive continuity — to stun The Monitor. While his arrows run out he charges into the swarm of shadow demons. This will not end the way you think.

Monitor finally frees himself and warps himself and Oliver into the shuttle, but he’s already taken a severe toll. Oliver is dying and he manages to have farewell moments with Sara, Barry and Mia before dying. Well, that is not all how I imagined this first episode of Crisis would end. Argo City and Supergirl’s Earth are destroyed and Oliver is dead. Nash Wells arrives and says he’s now Pariah as he’s cursed to watch Earths die. That wasn’t a smooth transition from the swashbuckling character we’d see on The Flash, but we’ll see how this goes.

supergirl crisis on infinite earths part 1 review - mia and oliver

I assumed Oliver would get killed off in the final moments of Crisis, but offing him so soon actually brings the right amount of unpredictability to the crossover. But how does this play into The Monitor’s gift to Future Felicity by taking her to see Oliver? This probably won’t be the last we really see of Oliver.

Crisis is already providing some nice surprises and fun twists. The comic book shout outs have been more than I expected and I can’t wait to see where it goes next episode.

Rating: 9 out of 10

Photo Credit: The CW