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The Fresh Squad Daniel figure review

Mattel has made some commendable efforts to be more diverse with its Barbie line, but there’s always room for more players on the doll front.

As part of her World of EPI’s Doll Lines, Dr. Lisa Williams created The Fresh Dolls, an assortment of dolls targeting a multicultural background. The Fresh Dolls and their male counterparts, The Fresh Squad, feature trendy fashions, hair styles, skin tones and unique faces.

**World of EPI sent along Daniel, a deluxe set Fresh Squad figure for review.

The packaging is solid with a bright yellow backdrop with turquoise, purple and black accents. All of the accessories are visible. I dig how the jacket has a mini hanger card to make it appear as if Daniel is going into the closet to finish his outfit.

the fresh squad daniel figure review -package front

Trendy fashions isn’t just a slogan, but actually executed well with the figure. The white shirt with camo jacket is something you could see people wearing in 2019/2020.

the fresh squad daniel figure review - chilling

My favorite part of the outfit besides the jacket is the boots, which definitely bring more flavor than a traditional doll.

Additional clothing options are available here.

the fresh squad daniel figure review -front


Daniel’s head sculpt is well crafted and I like the paintwork on his tiny goatee. The hair is held together in the package with a small rubber band, but I wasn’t able to get it in position like the prototype pics. I’ll blame my lack of experience combing doll hair on that one.

the fresh squad daniel figure review -raising arm

Keep in mind The Fresh Dolls aren’t necessarily tailored to fit alongside Barbies, but they can co-exist to some extent and definitely well enough in a child’s imagination.

Daniel has 13 articulation points so he can handle all of the basic doll poses. Maybe at some point down the road The World of EPI will be able to expend the line to include cars, bikes and other large scale accessories.

the fresh squad daniel figure review -raising sunglasses

To show the modern sensibility of the line, Daniel comes with a phone and a laptop along with his sunglasses. The sunglasses fit snugly, but Daniel basically can’t hold the phone, which is always annoying.

the fresh squad daniel figure review -using laptop

As an online exclusive, Daniel goes for $40 along with the rest of The Fresh Squad, Anthony and Malik.

the fresh squad daniel figure review -wearing jacket

You can also grab The Fresh Dolls like Gabrielle and Mia on Amazon.