WWE Entrance Greats Bobby Roode figure review

Mattel’s WWE line has never been as collector wallet friendly as Hasbro with its Marvel Legends line. While the Entrance Greats line isn’t as collector spiteful as the Elite rings with figure pack-ins like Goldberg or Jinder Mahal, it’s also a quick cash grab for regular Elite figures. Maybe none have felt as blatantly a poor value as the Entrance Greats Bobby Roode.

The Entrance Greats line is a rehash of one of Mattel’s earliest WWE lines with the big change being a switch from Basic to Elite articulation. Mattel is under the impression that people don’t have access to smart phones that can play music as the main draw here is a sound chip base that plays Roode’s theme song.

Packaging:  Mattel went with a huge, obnoxious oversized package for this line. It’s a lot of wasted space, but at least it makes for a terrific presentation of Roode in mid-glorious. There’s a slot in the package to try out the sound chip. The bio is pretty comprehensive for Roode’s NXT/WWE career.

WWE Entrance Greats Bobby Roode figure review - package bio

Likeness:  Roode might be one of Mattel’s best head sculpts. It looks just like Roode. The expression captures his quiet intensity and is nice and neutral. That’s helpful since Roode flip flops between face and heel so often.

Mattel has had some problems lately with matching up the appropriate body parts for figures, but Roode is solid. These parts work for Roode, but the only problem is the neck sits too low in the torso giving him a bit of a no neck appearance. Stuffing some tissue in the neck hole should probably fix it.

WWE Entrance Greats Bobby Roode figure review - scale with nakamura, drew mcintyre and samoa joe

Scale:   Bobby Roode is 6’0” so he’s looking up at most main roster guys like Shinsuke Nakamura at 6’2” and Samoa Joe. He’s taller than the 5’11” AJ Styles. I kinda like having this mini TNA roster from Mattel figures.

WWE Entrance Greats Bobby Roode figure review - facing nakamura, drew mcintyre and samoa joe

Paint:  Roode has a fairly simple outfit, but Mattel did a nice job capturing the detail in his tights with the Roode and Glorious tampo. The kneepads have their proper spotlight style pattern. Mattel is using the new print style painting, which came off pretty well for Roode’s beard and eyes. There are no real complaints with anything here.

Articulation:  You won’t struggle being able to pull off any of his moves thanks to this Elite body. I think it’s the Steve Austin torso and it’s one of the better ones for movement and posing. Roode doesn’t have any issues and is a very fluid figure.

WWE Entrance Greats Bobby Roode figure review - clothesline to nakamura

WWE Entrance Greats Bobby Roode figure review - glorious ddt


WWE Entrance Greats Bobby Roode figure review - figure four on drew mcintyre

Entrance Greats Bobby Roode has:

  • neck
  • ball-jointed shoulders
  • bicep
  • elbow
  • wrist
  • wrist hinge
  • waist
  • hip
  • thigh
  • knee
  • ankle

WWE Entrance Greats Bobby Roode figure review - knee smash to drew mcintyre

WWE Entrance Greats Bobby Roode figure review - blockbuster to drew mcintyre

Accessories:  The ‘biggest’ selling point according to Mattel would be the sound chip that plays Roode’s theme for about a minute. The theme plays OK, but is tinny like you’d expect from a small sound chip.

For me — and maybe most collectors — is the entrance robe. The robe looks nice with very well done tampos and appropriate detailing. It’s cloth so there’s no strain trying to put it on and off. I’m always a fan of getting a complete figure with entrance gear so this is a welcome bonus. For the price it would have been nice to have also gotten the NXT title as well.

Worth it?  I got Roode for $25. That’s a far better price point since you’re just paying $5 more than the regular Elite. At the standard retail price of $30, it’s just not enough to justify buying him. Fortunately, you can find a few options to get him for $25.

Rating:  8.5 out of 10

At his original price, the Entrance Greats Bobby Roode was an easy pass thanks to the price gouging presentation. At $19 it’s a fairer price and easily the Elite Roode worth getting.

WWE Entrance Greats Bobby Roode figure review - he's glorious

Where to get it?  Targets are plentiful with this guy and at the right price point of $19. You can also grab him from Amazon.com now.