Lyles Movie Files Podcast Ep. 114 – Final Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker pre-viewing thoughts

With Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker coming out this week, we share our final thoughts before we start seeing it including more feedback from The Last Jedi stars on their take on the film. And with Director J.J. Abrams also calling into question some Last Jedi decisions what do we think of how this trilogy can possibly wrap up.

What do we want to see in this “conclusion” of the saga and how could it wrap up in a satisfying way for us? Is that possible?

Daisy Ridley had to deal with some Internet rage over deflecting on her privilege this week and the boys aren’t happy about it either.

The new Wonder Woman 1984 and Ghostbusters: Afterlife trailers dropped. Did either of them have us excited as we head to two big films for 2020?


Matrix 4 is slated to open the same weekend as John Wick Chapter 4. Which one are we more excited about?

And let’s see if anyone can top Nick Cannon as our Dummy of the Week.

Photo Credit: Disney