DC Comics reviews for 12/18/19 – Doomsday Clock #12, Batman #85, Justice League #38

Teen Titans #37

teen titans #37

The identity of The Other is revealed and in a rarity for comics these days, the payoff actually delivers. Writers Adam Glass and Bernard Chang make The Other’s reveal tie in to events throughout this run of the series and other titles and logically works instead of some twist that made no sense. While The Other tries to recruit Robin to his side, the rest of the team has to escape a deathtrap.

Chang also handled the art with finishes by Scott Hanna. The result is art that’s not as sharp as what’s been the norm for the series. Characters and action sequences seem rougher than usual. Marcelo Maiolo’s colors remain vibrant however.

Art challenges aside, Teen Titans made good on a villain reveal while getting the team back on the same page in a decent return to form.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10