DC Comics reviews for 12/18/19 – Doomsday Clock #12, Batman #85, Justice League #38

The Infected: The Commissioner #1

the infected commissioner #1

While my interest in The Infected storyline may be waning, it’s hard to deny the latest one-off spotlighting a corrupted Commissioner Gordon isn’t a strong standalone.

Paul Jenkins writes the story from the perspective of a frustrated Gordon who has grown increasingly tired of a lack of impact of his efforts to protect Gotham. It’s enough to make him seek out real change with some of Gotham’s less upright citizens while turning from its protectors like Batman and Batgirl. Naturally the latter results in some harsh feelings although Batgirl crying seemed out of character and overly melodramatic.

Jack Herbert handled the art and he remains one of DC’s rotating floating artists that needs a regular book ASAP in 2020. His style is too good and realistic to just work on a fill-in basis. Adriano Lucas’ color work was excellent as always capping off a remarkably consistently great year.

The Commissioner was a solid character study that provided useful insight on a character breakdown stemming from being one of The Infected.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10